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For over five decades, 3M has been a significant player in the ever expanding electric energy generation, construction, operation, maintenance, and transmission/distribution arenas.

3M Energy
Energy Generation & Transmission Oil and Gas
Renewable Energy
3M's customers benefit from an established global company with a history of bringing innovation to the marketplace, as well as access to 3M's vast technical expertise and extensive range of products and technologies.

Wind Energy
3M's extensive technology portfolio combined with more than a decade of experience in the wind market can help you develop new ways to improve the performance and reliability of wind turbine blades, towers, nacelles and other components.

High Capacity Conductors
Increasing urbanization and growing populations are putting a severe strain on power grids around the world. 3M™ Aluminum Conductor Composite Reinforced (ACCR) is designed to carry up to 3 times the electricity as the same size of conventional conductors – helping to relieve transmission bottlenecks without the need to build new towers.

3M Oil and Gas offers you a wealth of practical and proven applications that you can put to work right now to make your workplace more productive, more efficient and safer.

Drilling and Well Completion
Reducing weight and increasing uplift of buoyancy modules and for enhancing thermal insulation properties in risers and pipelines.
Manufacturing Materials
Dyneon™ Fluoroelastomers and Fluoroplastics
Insulation material for tubing and piping applications
Used in the manufacture of seals, gaskets, wire line coating, piping tubing, packing, expansion joints and blowout preventers
Facility Safety
Fire Protection
Firestop Solutions
Reflective Markings
Safety Matting & Treads
Facility Construction & Operations Facility Maintenance
Infrastructure Protection
Liquid Filtration
Clear Air
Personal Safety
Electrical Construction and Maintenance
Utility Marking and Locating
Spill Containment / Sorbents
Electrical Construction and Maintenance
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