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Environmental Health and Safety

Protecting our social and physical environment is one of 3M's core values. At 3M Fairmont, we achieve this through our commitment to proactive environmental management.

Managing Our Environmental Footprint

Environmental Health and Safety Management System
3M Fairmont's EHS Management System promotes sound environmental management. It helps us to manage the environmental footprint of our operations, drive sustainable growth, and address the expectations of our stakeholders. These stakeholders include our employees, customers, regulators, environmental groups, and the communities surrounding our plant.

3M Fairmont will continue to recognize and exercise its responsibility to:

  • Solve its own environmental pollution and conservation problems.
  • Prevent pollution at the source wherever and whenever possible.
  • Develop products that will have a minimum effect on the environment.
  • Conserve natural resources through the use of reclamation and other appropriate methods.
  • Assure that its facilities and products meet and sustain the regulations of all federal, state, and local environmental agencies.
  • Assist, wherever possible, governmental agencies and other official organizations engaged in environmental activities.
  • Support a commitment to continual environmental improvement consistent with its mission and vision.
  • Set and review environmental objectives and targets appropriate to its activities, products and services.

At 3M Fairmont, a behavioral-based program, called Active Visible Leadership (AVL), is used to increase safety, health and environmental awareness. This program works through a dialogue between two people surrounding any EHS topic, be it safety outside of work, or personal protective equipment. Not only does it increase safety awareness, but it allows for individual employees to play a role in improving EHS at 3M Fairmont.

Pollution Prevention
3M pioneered the concept of pollution prevention with the creation of the pollution prevention pays (3P) program in 1975. The 3P program is based on the reality that pollution prevention is more environmentally effective, technically sound and economical than conventional pollution control equipment. Natural resources, energy and money are used to build conventional pollution controls, and more resources are consumed operating them. Conventional controls are temporarily and do not eliminate the problem. 3P seeks to eliminate pollution at the source through product reformulation, process modification, equipment redesign, and the recycling and reuse of waste materials.

3P is a significant element of 3M Fairmont's environmental strategy, and is driven largely by Fairmont's Environmental Target 2010 Goals. Since 1981, 3M Fairmont has completed 23 3P projects which prevented more than 1,310 tons of air pollution, 890 tons of waste, and saved more than 2.3 million dollars in the first year of projects.

Key Environmental Accomplishments
We are particularly proud of our work around the following:

  • 3M Fairmont received ISO 14001 certification in 2000.
  • Elimination of VOCs emissions with the introduction of the 3M™ Scotchmate™ Solventless Coater.
  • The day-to-day environmental practice of zero landfill, and the reuse, recycle, or fuel-to-energy of 87% of all waste produced in 3M Fairmont manufacturing processes.
  • A prairie restoration area, established on an unused parcel of land south of the plant.
  • Maintaining wetland areas near the plant for natural filtration of groundwater.

Key Safety Accomplishments

  • 2008 Incident Rate 4.18, 2007 Incident Rate 2.0, 2006 Incident Rate 2.6
  • GSHP 99.8%
  • Ergonomics Program
  • Active Visible Leadership


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