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3M™ SMART Training Resources

Facility Cleaning Training

Training for Proficiency and Compliance

Environmental service professionals are faced with the challenge of training their staff and instilling confidence that their performance conforms to industry standards and best practices. The 3M™ SMART Program provides a breadth of effective educational resources, including facility cleaning training and facility cleaning videos to help ensure your facility performs at its very best. The 3M™ SMART tools simplify and standardize your cleaning and housekeeping procedures and help you create and maintain an organization that delivers cost-effective, quality outcomes that meet your needs and the needs of your facility and customers.

Training benefits:

  • Help ensure facility-wide conformance to environmental services best practices and guidelines.
  • Coherent integration of people, products and procedures, with stakeholders and participants sharing the same information, which is critical to meeting industry and regulatory requirements.
  • Putting 3M's extensive expertise to work allows you to create a customized set of 3M™ SMART training resources that can foster learning and promote your goals for excellence.
  • Effective, easy-to-use and practical resources help ensure the benefits of seamless, across-the-board consistency in performance.

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3M™ SMART Training Demonstration

3M™ SMART Resources Features & Options

3M™ SMART eLearn Instruction

A computer-based instructional system, 3M™ SMART eLearn enables employees to garner the skills and knowledge critical to environmental health and safety, including OSHA's Right-to-Know Hazard Communication and Bloodborne Pathogens. Eight modules with 22 self-paced units and assessments are available in English and Spanish. The facility cleaning training videos feature clear visuals, audio narration, and simple text to motivate and aid retention. 3M™ eLearn also benefits management by making sure:

  • Employee training is scheduled
  • Employees are tested for competency
  • Employee records are maintained
  • Training is documented

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3M™ SMART Procedure Wizard

3M™ SMART Procedure Wizard is an effective, comprehensive tool that enables you to train employees in over 150 important housekeeping procedures. The instruction it provides helps ensure that critical cleaning tasks are fully and completely performed according to specific, prescribed standards. Step-by-step instruction, illustrative photos, and concise language (in English or Spanish) makes procedures easy to learn and remember. The 3M™ SMART Procedure Wizard incorporates best practices and industry standards into each procedure. The Wizard is customizable, enabling you to tailor instruction to your facility’s specific policies and procedures. Training materials can be printed in four different formats to suit a variety of training requirements

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3M™ SMART Video Training Series

A commercial cleaning training series that teaches the why and the how to of must-know facility cleaning and facility maintenance tasks:

  • 3M™ Hard Floor Care
  • 3M™ Carpet Care
  • 3M™ Restroom Care
  • 3M™ Health Care Cleaning Procedures
  • Working Safely in the Health Care Environment
  • 3M™ Twist 'n Fill™ System (available in English and Spanish with easy-to-use sections for classroom and instruction-led training)

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3M™ SMART Services and Support

3M™ SMART Resources are available with comprehensive technical support and consulting services. 3M provides these resources as a value-added benefit to facilities who commit to 3M™ products. Additional support option include:

  • 1 hour of FREE set-up assistance.
  • 3M™ SMART Services Toll-Free Help Line: 1-866-703-7323
    • Ongoing support Monday-Friday.
    • Responses within one business day.
    • Free ongoing telephone assistance for the first 15 minutes, with additional support billed at $25 per 15 minutes.
  • Full portfolio of consulting services to help maximize your commercial cleaning training and facility maintenance training programs, billed at $100 per hour:
    • Entering your database of employees for training into the 3M™ SMART eLearn Instruction program.
    • Customizing existing course and tests for your facility.
    • Creating new courses and tests per your needs.
    • Customizing procedures for your facility using your photos and logos.
    • Working with you to develop a training curriculum and helping you implement it.
    • Partnering with you on your select project.

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