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Glass Bubbles

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3M™ Glass Bubbles for Cementing and Drilling Fluids

3M™ Glass Bubbles for Cementing and Drilling Fluids

3M™ Glass Bubbles are engineered hollow glass spheres that can be used as a density reducing additive.

Used for drilling fluids/cement slurries to reduce and control bottom hole pressure.

More on Cementing

Improved production, less remediation, reduced formation damage and better zonal isolation

Low-density cement slurries made with 3M™ Glass Bubbles offer the potential to reduce costs and improve performance compared to alternative solutions. In oil well cements, 3M glass bubbles can help reduce slurry density to below 9.2 pounds per gallon (1.08 kg/l). Unlike low-density cement slurries made by dilution with water or other techniques, cement slurries made with 3M glass bubbles develop quickly with high compressive strengths, minimizing waiting on cement (WOC).

Also, low-density slurries with 3M glass bubbles avoid the multiple staging that is commonly used in wells which require a long column of cement, and where weak exposed formations will not support the hydrostatic head during cementing.

These low-density slurries are an economical alternative for cementing wells that pass through low-fracture gradient zones and can provide several benefits:
Reduced rig time required compared to multiple stage cementing
Reduced possibility of formation breakdown
Reduced possibility of lost circulation
Increased efficiency of mud removal by allowing pipe rotation or reciprocation
Increased yield per sack of cement
Eliminated need for remedial squeeze

In summary, low-density slurries made with 3M glass bubbles HGS series permit cementing a deep well in a single stage, helping save both time and expense while reducing formation damage.

More on Drilling Fluids

In drilling fluids, 3M™ Glass Bubbles HGS Series help attain fluid densities as low as 5.5 pounds per gallon (0.66 kg/l). 3M glass bubbles-based fluids control density efficiently, process easily at rig site and are compatible with surface cleaning and other downhole equipment. These fluids also are ideal for the range of temperatures, pressures and hostile environments found downhole.

Drilling fluids or muds made with 3M glass bubbles HGS series can provide an economic alternative to aerated drilling fluids. These reduced-density fluids are homogenous, incompressible, stable and allow measurement while drilling (MWD). They provide good borehole stability and excellent hole cleaning. These low-density fluids permit at balance, near balance or underbalanced drilling. In general, reduction of differential pressure can result in:
Higher productivity through increased rate of penetration (ROP)
Elimination of differential sticking
Reduction or elimination of lost circulation
Reduction in formation damage

3M glass bubbles are non-volatile, stable additives that provide drilling muds with durable low-density properties, both during and after a drilling job. Additionally, muds formulated with 3M glass bubbles can potentially be re-used on multiple neighboring wells where low-density drilling is required.

3M glass bubbles HGS series comes in range of strengths and densities for different downhole conditions.
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