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3M™ Glass Bubbles HGS6000

Glass Bubbles
Glass Bubbles
3M™ Glass Bubbles HGS6000 have a density of 0.46 g/cc and an isostatic crush strength of 6,000 psi. The HGS series glass bubbles are designed for low-density drilling fluids and cements used in the oil and gas industry.
  • Reduce rig time required compared to multiple stage cementing
  • Reduce the possibility of formation break-down
  • Reduce the possibility of lost circulation
  • Increase efficiency of mud removal by allowing pipe rotation or reciprocation
  • Increase yield per sack of cement
  • Eliminate need for remedial squeeze
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Typical Properties

 Capabilities‎ Temperature Resistance‎ ,  Lightweighting‎ ,  Chemical Resistance‎
 Color (unaided eye)‎ White, powdery‎
 Composition‎ Soda-lime-borosilicate glass‎
 Crush Strength (PSI)‎ 6,000‎
 Density (g/cc)‎ 0.46‎
 Industries‎ Cementing and Drilling Fluids‎
 Particle Size (D50 Micron)‎ 40‎
 Particle Size Range (D50 Micron)‎ 40 - 49‎
 Shape‎ Hollow spheres with thin walls‎
 Sizes Available‎ Bulk Trailer‎ ,  1 Gallon Container (3.4 lb, 1.5 kg)‎ ,  4 ft Bag (825 lb, 374.2 kg)‎ ,  Supersack (825 lb, 374.2 kg)‎ ,  Large Box (785 lb, 356 kg)‎ ,  Small Box (125 lb, 56.7 kg)‎
 Strength (MPa)‎ 41.3‎