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3M™ Fluorosurfactant FC-4434

3M Brand Identity. Imagery. Pattern. Water.
3M Brand Identity. Imagery. Pattern. Water.
3M Fluorosurfactant FC-4434 is a water-soluble, low-odor, general purpose nonionic fluorinated surfactant that may be used as a flow and leveling agent in a variety of applications. By coming to you pre-diluted and ready to use, 3M fluorosurfactant FC-4434 offers a number of important time and money-saving advantages, including:
  • No pre-weighing, measuring, heating or diluting
  • Helps save time, labor costs
  • Helps prevent out-of-spec batches by eliminating weighing/measuring errors
  • Eliminates need for specialized high-solids processing equipment
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Plus, the lower viscosity of 3M fluorosurfactant FC-4434 eliminates the need for N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP), used to improve the flow of many highly-viscous additives. For use in non-dispersive and non-emissive applications. Not for use in food contact, medical, drug, or cosmetic applications.

Typical Properties

 Capabilities‎ Increased Production Throughput‎ ,  Chemical Resistance‎
 Container Volume‎ 5 Gallon‎ ,  1 Gallon‎ ,  2 Gallon‎
 Industries‎ Paints and Coatings‎ ,  Construction‎ ,  Oil and Gas‎ ,  CPI/Semicon‎ ,  General Manufacturing‎
 Type‎ Non-ionic‎
 Weight‎ 38 lb.‎ ,  0.11 lb.‎ ,  7 lb.‎
 Weight (metric)‎ 50 g‎ ,  3.2 kg‎ ,  17.2 kg‎