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3M advanced materials and ingredient technologies are engineered to survive extreme temperatures — operating in challenging operating environments, from the depths of the ocean to outer space. Temperature resistant fluoropolymers and advanced ceramics enhance reliability and performance in a variety of industries, from petrochemical to metal processing, and in transportation applications from spacecraft to snowmobiles.

Manufacturing Temperature Resistant Materials

3M™ Dyneon™ PTFE for high temperature automotive applications

3M™ Dyneon™ PTFE for high temperature automotive applications

With extreme heat, vibration, harsh fuels and lubricants, a car's engine is a hostile environment … and today's engines run hotter than ever. Other design considerations – including new combustion technologies, higher shaft speeds, extended service warranties and tighter fuel emission regulations – make it even more imperative for automotive components to resist extreme thermal conditions. With a very wide service temperature range, 3M™ Dyneon™ PTFE is engineered to take the heat – helping keep today's vehicles on the road longer.

Dyneon PTFE is designed to withstand both high temperatures from hot-running parts and very cold environmental temperatures. This durable fluoropolymer is ideal for fuel systems, powertrain and other automotive components requiring a combination of temperature resistance, low friction and chemical resistance. Dyneon PTFE also helps meet stringent limits for smoke generation and flammability in cable insulation and jacketing, enabling greater freedom of design in car electronics systems.

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3M™ Dyneon™ Low Temperature Fluoroelastomers

3M™ Dyneon™ Low Temperature Fluoroelastomers

In extreme cold, conventional elastomers can shrink, stiffen or crack – and seal failure can seriously damage equipment or vehicle reliability. For high performance sealing and containment in low temperatures, 3M offers a unique elastomer compound designed to keep equipment running even in arctic conditions.

3M™ Dyneon™ Low Temperature Fluoroelastomer (LTFE) features a true dynamic sealing capability at temperatures as low as -40°C. Designed to meet the challenging demands of the automotive, aerospace and chemical processing industries, temperature resistant Dyneon LTFE also delivers excellent resistance to aggressive fuels and oils, heat and permeation. This unique combination of chemical and temperature resistance allows engineers to expand design possibilities and extend equipment service life.

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