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The sustainability benefits of part weight reduction are obvious, especially in transportation applications: lighter weight vehicles or shipments consume less fuel, reducing carbon emissions. Lightweighting can also help reduce material costs, improve manufacturing productivity and enhance consumer appeal. Engineered additives and ingredient technologies from 3M reduce final part weight while maintaining mechanical properties — helping manufacturers "do more with less."

Weight Reduction Through Engineered Additives and Ingredient Technologies

3M™ Glass Bubbles reduce part weight, contribute to sustainability

3M™ Glass Bubbles reduce part weight, contribute to sustainability

Imagine a jet aircraft that can fly further on less fuel. A vehicle fleet with a smaller carbon footprint. A shipment of parts that costs less to transport across the world. With 3M™ Glass Bubbles, manufacturers are turning these breakthrough ideas into reality.

Case in point: REHAU, a global polymer processing firm, has been developing a low-density composite material, made with 3M glass bubbles, for a variety of interior aircraft cabin components. A single handrail system made with this material could reduce weight by more than 5kg per aircraft, saving approximately 1000 liters of fuel per year. Extended to a fleet of 150 aircraft over a 15-year operating life, the total savings would amount to 2.25 million liters of jet fuel. This not only helps cut costs, but also represents a significant reduction in carbon emissions.

Read the REHAU application profile for 3M™ Glass Bubbles
3M Helps Customers Do More3M Helps Customers Do More

3M Helps Customers Do More

Do more to reduce part weight. Do more to improve productivity. Do more to meet unique customer needs and solve your customer problems. Do more to reduce reject parts. Do more to contibute to sustainability.

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