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Used at low concentrations, Dynamar PPAs can help eliminate or significantly reduce product defects, melt fracture, die build-up, maintenance time and inconsistent production thus helping to improve throughput.

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Dynamar provides top-tier additives developed though decades of innovative research with leading technology, expert knowledge and diverse patent catalog.

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We have technical specialists ready to help solve your product, technical, or application needs. We have progressive labs to replicate your conditions and develop custom solutions.

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Improved Productivity and Throughput

Specialty Additives

3M's broad range of high performance fluorocarbon elastomers are engineered to meet demanding sealing applications by providing long-term protection against high temperatures and corrosive chemicals.

Customized Performance Options

Elastomer Additives

3M offers a number of elastomer additives that can be used to customize cure systems to meet specific requirements for polyepichlorohydrin elastomers and fluoroelastomers.

Higher Performance

Rubber Additives

High performance 3M Rubber Additives are designed for use at low loadings to improve the processing in extrusion and molding operations.

With Dynamar PPAs, Production can be a Smooth Ride

3M™ Dynamar™ Specialty Additives enable manufacturing process improvements

3M™ Dynamar™ Specialty Additives enable manufacturing process improvements

In virtually all extrusion processes – including blown film, pipe and profile extrusion – surface roughness, known as die buildup can occur, affecting both manufacturing efficiency and extrudate quality.

3M™ Dynamar™ Specialty Additives are engineered to improve both performance and processing for a wide variety of polymers – helping rubber and plastic manufacturers smooth their way to higher profits by eliminating or significantly reducing these problems and many others.


Blown Film and Cast Film
  • Food and non-food packaging film
  • Agricultural film
Wire and Cable Insulation and Jacketing
  • Telecommunication
  • Bottles
  • Drums
  • Tanks
Pipes and Tubing
  • Water and gas high pressure pipe
  • Sewer and drainage pipe
  • Irrigation tubing
  • Conduits
Extruded Fibers
  • Mono-filament for bailing twine, agricultural produce net sacks, fishing nets and ropes
  • Multifilament

Learn more about 3M™ Dynamar™ Specialty Additives

Unmatched Service, Expertise and Technology

Technical and Sales Support – Second to None

Technical and Sales Support – Second to None

Our team of top scientists, technicians and marketers are dedicated to quality and reliability in every product we make. Our team of experts has the flexibility to respond quickly to meet the conditions of today's more demanding environments.

From process improvements to product testing, Dynamar can work with you to reach creative, individual solutions to your most challenging issues.

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Innovating with Dynamar and 3M Advanced Materials

Experience 3M Advanced Materials DivisionExperience 3M Advanced Materials Division

Experience 3M Advanced Materials Division

Using existing technologies – and inventing new ones – to find material solutions that improve our world.

Innovation is the key to any successful enterprise. Dynamar is committed to the development of specialty processing additives that bring innovative solutions to your business.

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We have technical specialists ready to help solve your product, technical, or application needs. We have state-of-the-art labs to replicate your conditions and develop custom solutions.

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