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Vacuum Manifolds

The one-, three- or six-station extraction manifold offers an efficient extraction apparatus. These manifolds allow multiple sample processing and are more stable and compact than a series of single glass filtration systems. Using the manifold, up to six extractions can completed simultaneously, and multiple manifolds can be managed by a single operator. The manifolds are constructed from corrosion resistant stainless steel. Each is individually controlled by a valve that allows extraction or venting to the atmosphere. The valve stem is PTFE in a chrome-plated brass housing with stop-pins for positioning.

1-Station Manifold

3-Station Manifold

6-Station Manifold

These manifolds are intended for use with standard filtration glassware. All contact surfaces should be glass or PTFE to minimize sample contamination. The drip tip's tapered design reduces dead volume and is and positioned to accommodate a variety of elution receptacles such as K-D tubes, straight-wall vials, or 10 mL volumetric flasks.

Care and Maintenance

Though the manifolds are constructed of durable, inert materials, it is strongly recommended that manifold be rinsed with deionized water following use. This is particularly important when extracting acidified and/or salt-containing solutions.

The borosilicate glassware should be washed after each extraction with soap and water followed by a solvent rinse. As a routine, it is recommended that glassware be rinsed carefully with the intended elution solvent prior to the disk conditioning step.

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