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Empore™ Products

Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) is a widely used technique for the isolation and concentration of analytes from liquid samples to achieve increased sensitivity in the analytical process. Empore solid phase extraction membranes offer an innovative solution to environmental and bioanalytical sample preparation problems.

Empore Sample Preparation Products

This section provides product listings and product specifications. Additional information about the sorbent chemistries can also be found in the product listings of these formats.

The Empore membrane technology incorporates solid phase sorbent particles within a network of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) fibrils. The Technology section contains more information about Empore membrane constructions.

Experience the time savings, money savings and sample throughput Empore SPE membranes offer:

  • Fast sample flow rates as the mass transfer kinetics of the tightly packed particles allow recoveries that are independent of sample flow rate
  • Reduced solvent usage compared to liquid-liquid extraction and traditional packed particle SPE products
  • Clean eluates - the PTFE fibrils minimize fine particles, extending column life
  • Potential elimination of solvent evaporation/reconstitution steps with Empore cartridges and plates

A visit to the Technical Library can facilitate the development of applications using Empore products. The library contains hundreds of applications published by researchers and numerous helpful resources for optimizing sample preparation methods. This information can enhance your results, and increase your sample throughput and efficiency. A quick review of the tips can save hours of frustration at the bench!

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