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Get to Market Faster, Facilitate Product Innovation and Lower System Costs

Why use 3M™ Embedded Capacitance Material?

Problems Facing Design Engineers of High Speed Digital Products

  • Rising speeds, decreasing voltages, and miniaturization are causing more issues with power integrity, signal integrity, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and board complexity in high speed digital designs
  • Better PCB power delivery and power integrity are vital to meet the fast response time, low voltage ripple, low impedance, and low voltage requirements of high performance high speed digital designs
  • Product miniaturization as well increased product functionality mean greater component densities and therefore, greater space and layout constraints for standard discrete capacitors
  • Parasitics limit the frequency filtering band of standard discrete decoupling capacitors, and additionally their capability is limited above 2 GHz

Features and Functions of 3M ECM

  • Improves power integrity by reducing power bus noise and PCB impedance
  • Reduces EMI by decreasing resonance that causes EMI
  • Can improve signal integrity via improvements in power integrity and EMI
  • Dissipates heat much better than 2 mil FR-4 due to high thermal conductivity and low thermal impedance
  • Increases usable board area by allowing for the removal of many, if not all, capacitors equal to or below 0.1 µF and their associated solder joints and vias
  • Less sensitive to electrostatic discharge (ESD) than 2 mil FR-4
  • Allows for delivery of required charge even with small, split planes unlike 2 mil FR-4

Benefits of 3M ECM

  • Time to Market
    • Reduce design spins by solving noise issues early in the design cycle
    • Simplify board layout and routing
  • Product Differentiation
    • Add functionality to existing boards
    • Reduce PCB size and weight
    • Add PCB layers while maintaining similar PCB thickness
  • System Cost
    • Improve PCB panel utilization
    • Improve assembly yields and board reliability due to fewer components

Did You Know?

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