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3M™ Plastic Bonding Adhesive 2665B, Black

3M ID  AM000000241     
3M(TM) Plastic Bonding Adhesive 2665B
3M(TM) Plastic Bonding Adhesive 2665B
3M(TM) Plastic Bonding Adhesive 2665B
3M(TM) Plastic Bonding Adhesive 2665 Application Illustration
Black, one-component, moisture curing, urethane adhesive that is applied warm. This low viscosity adhesive has a long open time and could bond dissimilar substrates (LCM metal, plastics). Yields thin glue lines when used with appropriate equipment.
Reworkable adhesive enable the recovery of expensive touch display modules using debonding or rework machine.

Thin, high strength bond lines enable thin device designs that have excellent drop test performance.

In addition to providing high performance materials, as a Total Solution Provider, 3M has developed partnerships with equipment providers who can design end-to-end customer specific assembly solutions along with global technical experts to support your team.

Additional Features include:
  • Precision dispensing for controlled bond line thickness
  • Long open time enables customizable assembly process
  • Fast handling strength for high throughput, low cost assembly
  • Sealant for water and dust proofing the device
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    Product Attributes

     Adhesive Color‎ Black‎
     Adhesive Type‎ One Part Urethane‎
     Application‎ Battery Bonding‎ ,  Battery Door Attachment‎ ,  Bezel Bonding‎ ,  Case Assembly‎ ,  Cover Lens Bonding‎ ,  Display Bonding‎ ,  Keypad Bonding‎ ,  Logo Bonding‎ ,  Low Surface Energy Bonding‎ ,  Speaker Module Assembly‎ ,  Touch Panel Bonding‎
     Application Category‎ Bonding‎
     Bond Type‎ Reworkable‎
     Cure Method‎ Moisture Cure‎
     Green Strength Time‎ 1.5 to 4.0 minutes @ 30 psi‎
     OLSS (Overlap Stress Strength)‎ ~600 psi (plastic to plastic, pulled at 0.1 inch/min)‎
     Open Time‎ 1.5 to 4.0 Minute ‎
     Product Series‎ 2665B‎
     Set Time‎ 2 to 5 minutes‎
     Substrate‎ ABS‎ ,  Aluminum‎ ,  Anti-splinter film‎ ,  Glass‎ ,  PC-ABS‎ ,  Polycarbonate‎ ,  Stainless Steel‎
     Suggested Min Bond Width Line‎ > 0.6 mm (and min bond line thickness of 0.2 mm)‎
     Viscosity‎ 6500 - 9500 cps @ 230 degree F‎

    Product Disclaimer

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