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3M™ Anisotropic Conductive Film 7371

3M ID  AM000000555     
3M(TM) Anisotropic Conductive Film 7371 reel image
3M(TM) Anisotropic Conductive Film 7371 reel image
3M(TM) Anisotropic Conductive Film
3M™ ACF 7371 is an acrylate-based adhesive system filled with 10 micron gold-coated polymer particles. It is a heat-bondable, electrically-conductive adhesive film which rapidly cross-links at modest bonding temperature and pressure.
Features and Benefits
  • Heat cure
  • Fast bond time
  • Thermo-set low temperature cure
  • Slight tack at room temperature
  • High adhesion to PET
  • Good thermal stability
  • Reworkable
  • Frozen storage
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    Product Attributes

     Adhesive Thickness (metric)‎ 25 micron‎
     Adhesive Type‎ Acrylate-Based‎
     Application‎ Display Bonding‎ ,  Touch Panel Bonding‎
     Application Category‎ Bonding‎
     Bonding Method‎ Thermo-compression bonding‎
     Bonding Pressure‎ 1 - 2 MPa‎
     Bonding Temperature‎ 140 - 170 degree C‎
     Bonding Time‎ 10 - 15 seconds‎
     Conductive Particle Size‎ 10 Micron‎
     Conductive Particle Type‎ Gold-coated polymer‎
     Connection Type‎ Flex to Flex‎ ,  Flex to Glass‎ ,  Flex to PET‎
     Flex Type‎ Gold/Copper on Polyester‎ ,  Gold/Copper on Polyimide‎ ,  Silver Ink on Polyester‎
     Liner Thickness (metric)‎ 50 micron‎
     Liner Type‎ Polyester Film with Silicone Release‎
     Minimum Gap‎ 4 mil‎
     Minimum Gap (metric)‎ 100 micron‎
     Minimum Overlap Area‎ 0.10 mm^2‎
     Minimum Pitch‎ 8 mil‎
     Minimum Pitch (metric)‎ 200 Micron‎
     Product Form‎ Roll‎
     Product Series‎ 7371‎
     Shelf Life‎ 4 Weeks‎
     Shelf Life Frozen‎ 12 Months‎
     Standard Width (metric)‎ 1.0 mm‎ ,  1.5 mm‎ ,  2.0 mm‎ ,  2.5 mm‎ ,  3.0 mm‎
     Tacking Pressure‎ 0.1 - 1.5 MPa‎
     Tacking Temperature‎ 60 - 90 degree C‎
     Tacking Time‎ 1 - 2 seconds‎
     Total Trace Height (metric)‎ 50 micron‎

    Product Disclaimer

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