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Field Services

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A comprehensive suite of offerings comprise 3M™ Electronic Monitoring field services, including installation and retrieval, fee collection and inventory management.

Installation and Retrieval
Our agents equip offenders with the monitoring at the agency's office and/or in the offenders' place of residence. They are on-site to attach transmitters or other tracking devices to offenders and verify that enrollment is completed. Additional services may include accompanying offenders to their homes to install home and base units, per agencies' procedures. Whether installation is done at an agency office or in the offender's home, our agents help ensure proper installation and operation of the technology.

Retrieval requires going into the field to recover units still in the possession of the agency and/or offender, at either an agency location or at the offender's residence. Retrieval can include the actual removal of transmitters from offenders and accompanying technology components. Equipment is then returned to headquarters for return material authorization (RMA) or recycling.

Installation and retrieval can be provided by 3M Electronic Monitoring staff or through local partner agents to best suit agency needs.

Fee Collection - Offender Pay Program
By requiring offenders to pay their own monitoring fees, offender pay programs help relieve the financial burden of fully government-funded electronic monitoring programs. The 3M™ Offender Pay System helps achieve higher collection rates by making it easy for offenders to pay fees, and by taking over the time-consuming job of collections.

Inventory Management
3M Electronic Monitoring inventory management services benefit both 3M Electronic Monitoring and customers by helping track inventory between agency locations and headquarters and can notify agencies when they are reaching or exceeding maximum allowed equipment levels. Additionally, agencies may contact us at any time to check the status of their inventory or track down lost equipment. Inventory management also includes moving equipment between agencies within an account. For large scale accounts, 3M Electronic Monitoring can provide onsite inventory management services to help ensure efficient program operation and adjust our service to program size changes. Onsite inventory management services include unit testing, cleaning and cycling back to the field to help shorten cycle time and reduce shipping costs.




Integrated Monitoring

3M Electronic Monitoring delivers greater value and enhanced operational efficiencies via a suite of high-end technologies working seamlessly together over a single software platform. Read more about the Integrated Monitoring Platform.


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