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Case Management

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Case management goes a step beyond our full service monitoring solution. It is used as an efficiency tool for agencies by providing a full view of the offender and allowing streamlined organization across the agency. Case management can be customized according to the specific needs of agencies and can be offered as a web based tool, via a communications control center or though integration with dedicated case management software.

To help manage violations as they occur, our web-based offender monitoring software includes a case management module which provides individual officers with the ability to review, address, manage, suspend and document offender violations. Case management uses easy to understand color coding to indicate the status of each violation.

Communications Control Center-Based
A communications control center facilitates data sharing and processing between the agency and data extracted from 3M Electronic Monitoring systems. Case management/compliance systems can be created based on the agencies functional requirements and business rules using a web interface. It allows agencies to provide and receive events data through the control center via live operator, email, fax, PC/laptop, PDA or IVR solution. The system is set up to provide a standardized framework for managing and retrieving individual or case data in chronological order.

The following is an example of the type of event/data that can be captured:

  • Officer/Agent Case Notes
  • Movement Schedules
  • Warrants
  • Drug Testing
  • Mental Health Records
  • Supervision/Compliance Incidents
  • Offender Check-ins
  • Arrests
  • Violations / Alarms (EMS)
  • Substance Abuse Testing
  • CCIC Terminal Hits
  • Miscellaneous Sources

The case management/compliance system provides access to source and event data captured in real-time through a comprehensive easy to use web interface.




Integrated Monitoring

3M Electronic Monitoring delivers greater value and enhanced operational efficiencies via a suite of high-end technologies working seamlessly together over a single software platform. Read more about the Integrated Monitoring Platform.


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