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Domestic Violence Proximity Notification System

(Available outside U.S.A only)

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The 3M™ Domestic Violence Proximity Notification System is designed to alert victims while helping to deter offenders from repeating domestic violence offenses. The system, which utilizes GPS Tracking, RF and cellular communication technologies, creates a virtual safe zone around victims and supports the enforcement of restraining orders issued by the courts.

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The Domestic Violence Deterrence system continuously monitors and tracks aggressors for the purpose of alerting victims to their presence within a close range, up to 500 meters (1,640 ft.). However, 3M’s powerful Domestic Violence system goes beyond close range victim notification. Because the aggressor is tracked via GPS, if they enter an exclusion zone, the victim will be notified. Exclusion zones can be both fixed and mobile for on-the-go tracking.

Key Features:

  • Immediate alerts to victim if aggressor is within 500 meters (1,640 feet)
  • Fixed and mobile alert devices for victims
  • Multiple layers of victim security
  • Real-time tracking of aggressor location using GPS and cellular communication protocols
  • Built in RF monitoring backup for continuous tracking even in the event of lost GPS and Cellular communication
  • Advanced mapping and path surveillance capabilities
  • Real-time automatic reports to designated monitoring center personnel via fax, pager, email, SMS or phone
  • Built-in tamper and fraud resistant measures

The system can be operated alongside other monitoring systems as part of the 3M Electronic Monitoring integrated monitoring platform.

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