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Curfew Monitoring

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Curfew monitoring is a common method of remote supervision of offenders within communities that uses a monitoring system in the offender’s home or other designated locations. There are various technology means available to report on an individual’s compliance with a restrictive schedule. The decision of which monitoring technology to utilize should take into consideration the required level of supervision, offenders’ profiles, and administrative and treatment goals set by the local criminal justice administration.

A combination of 3M Electronic Monitoring technology-based products and services can be leveraged to create custom curfew monitoring, tracking, communications, and alert systems for agencies. These systems consist of software and hardware components and report technical events or violations of schedule restrictions, enabling agencies to apply restrictions in line with their program.

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Integrated Monitoring

3M Electronic Monitoring delivers greater value and enhanced operational efficiencies via a suite of high-end technologies working seamlessly together over a single software platform. Read more about the Integrated Monitoring Platform.


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