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More Amps – What ACCR Is and How It Works

3M™ ACCR is an overhead transmission conductor that can double the capacity of an existing line without exceeding existing towers' mechanical or clearance limits.

Compared to the same diameter steel core, 3M ACCR's aluminum composite core can offer:

  • Half the thermal expansion for less sag at high energy levels
  • Higher strength to weight ratio
  • Operating temperatures up to 210°C continuous and 240°C emergency for up to 1,000 hours cumulative

These attributes can result in two or more times the ampacity while maintaining or improving clearances, tensions and mechanical loads on structures – maximum amps with no compromises.

3M ACCR significantly increases ampacity without increasing sag

3M ACCR’s secret is the unique material used in its core. The core is stranded from wires of high purity aluminum reinforced with alumina fibers. The outer, current carrying wires are a hardened aluminum zirconium alloy. The resulting conductor has the same strength as similar size steel core conductors, but is much lighter and sags less. It also retains its performance over decades of high temperature use, and is stable in a wide range of environmental conditions.

See how utilities around the world use ACCR.

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