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3M™ ACCR in the Media - Archive

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06/05/2012 Vologda, Russia Utility Boosts Distribution Capacity on Line by 150% with 3M ACCR Upgrade»
05/15/2012 Siberian Utility Doubles Capacity with ACCR.»
01/23/2012 Texas' Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative (GVEC) becomes the first rural electric cooperative to install the 3M ACCR.»
01/23/2012 "Energy Today" describes advances in conductor technology.»
01/18/2012 For the 2nd time, Russia's MOESK Upgrades a Transmission Line Serving Moscow.»


08/25/2011 3M will double its capacity to produce its high-capacity electricity transmission conductor at its Menomonie, Wisconsin plant.»
08/01/2011 AES Eletropaulo installs 3M ACCR to upgrade a line near a busy highway»
06/27/2011 CPFL Piratininga Avoids Construction in Sao Paulo Coastal Wetlands»
05/16/2011 Twice the Capacity on the Same Towers»
01/31/2011 Members of Congress, the DOE and utility customers celebrate the 1,000 miles of 3M ACCR. »
01/05/2011 Brazil's EDP Bandeirante Installs 3M ACCR for Line Upgrade »


08/19/2010 ACCR Gains International Acceptance »
05/24/2010 Grays Harbor in Washington State Ugrades Chehalis River Crossing with 3M ACCR »
04/28/2010 CPFL Completes River Crossing to Avoid Expense and Delay of Building Mid-Span Tower »


11/12/2009 Silicon Valley Power Again Chooses 3M's ACCR to Raise Transmission Capacity Without Tower Construction
10/06/2009 3M ACCR Added to List of Materials by Rural Utilities Service's Technical Standards Committee 'A'
09/22/2009 India's TATA Power Company Installs 3M ACCR Near Mumbai
07/14/2009 CPFL Energia energizes 2nd 3M ACCR Brazil installation
03/23/2009 Brazil's CTEEP energizes 3M ACCR in Parana River upgrade


12/17/2008 Second Brazilian utility chooses 3M ACCR for line upgrade without need to construct larger towers. Unit of CPFL Energia will more than double capacity in urban right-of-way using proven light-weight, low-sag conductor. (PDF, 34 KB)
12/03/2008 3M and Southwire announced today that they have entered into a joint agreement to produce 3M™ Aluminum Conductor Composite Reinforced (3M ACCR) high voltage overhead conductor. (PDF, 50 KB)
10/30/2008 Xcel Energy Recycles Towers and Right-of-Way (PDF, 377 KB)
07/28/2008 Second Utility in China Installs 3M ACCR to Boost Transmission Capacity; Chongqing Electric Re-Conductors to Ensure Power Supply for Olympics (PDF, 34 KB)
06/24/2008 Silicon Valley Power Chooses 3M's ACCR to Boost Transmission Without Need to Expand Towers or Right of Way (PDF, 35 KB)
05/14/2008 BC Transmission Corporation Chooses 3M's Aluminum Matrix Conductor For Two Segments of Vancouver Island Transmission Reinforcement Project (PDF, 35 KB)
04/08/2008 Fort Mojave Tribal Utility Energizes 3M ACCR High-Capacity Line, Linking It to Western Area's ACCR Upgrade on the Colorado River (PDF, 30 KB)
03/24/2008 Brazil's Companhia de Transmissao de Energia Eletrica Paulista Chooses 3M ACCR for Upgrade of Line Over Parana River in Sao Paulo State (PDF, 29 KB)
02/19/2008 Alabama Power to Install 3M High-Capacity ACCR Conductor To Upgrade Key Transmission Line Near Birmingham (PDF, 27K KB)
01/16/2008 Platte River Power Authority Energizes 3M's ACCR Conductor, Boosting Capacity on Key Line Serving Colorado's Front Range (PDF, 38 KB)


11/26/2007 Allegheny Power to Install 3M High-Capacity ACCR Conductor To Upgrade Key West Virginia Line (PDF, 34 KB)
10/23/2007 Utility in People's Republic of China Installs 3M's ACCR To Boost Capacity on Key Line Serving Shanghai (PDF, 38 KB)
09/24/2007 Western Area Power Administration Energizes First 20-Mile Segment Of 3M's High-Capacity Overhead Conductor On Key Line Along the Colorado River in Arizona (PDF, 38 KB)
02/01/2007 Native American Utility to Deploy 3M's High-Capacity ACCR Conductor (PDF, 38 KB)
02/01/2007 Platte River Power Authority Chooses 3M's ACCR To Boost Capacity on Key Line Serving Northern Colorado (PDF, 38 KB)
01/03/2007 Fort Mojave Tribal Utility Will Install 3M's High-Capacity ACCR Conductor (PDF, 38 KB)


12/25/2006 High Capacity, Low Sag - T&D World (PDF, 466 KB)
09/25/2006 New Electric Line Doubles Power Flow - The Arizona Republic (PDF, 290 KB)
07/10/2006 3M Announces Seventh Major Utility Installation Of ACCR (PDF, 25 KB)
07/04/2006 Power Disruption in New Zealand Capital Underscores Importance Of New Transmission Technology Embodied in 3M's ACCR (PDF, 26 KB)
02/27/2006 3M's ACCR Overhead Conductor a Highlight of President Bush's Visit to Company's Labs (PDF, 35 KB)


08/29/2005 Two California Utilities Install 3M's Breakthrough High-Capacity Conductor (PDF, 27 KB)
08/11/2005 Alabama Power Company Chooses 3M's New High-Capacity Conductor (PDF, 27 KB)
07/14/2005 3M Joins National Electric Energy Testing Research and Applications Center (PDF, 18 KB)
06/15/2005 3M's ACCR Chosen by Western Area Power Administration (PDF, 25 KB)
06/01/2005 3M's ACCR Installed And Activated on Xcel Energy's Black Dog-Blue Lake Transmission Line (PDF, 35 KB)

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