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Spring 2013 - In this Issue

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3M High Capacity Conductors Launches Interactive Field Installation Guide

Have you ever been in the middle of something, only to realize you've forgotten an important detail? For example, you may be installing 3M's high capacity conductor, 3M ACCR, and suddenly can't remember what the trainer said about conductor grips or how much HiTemp® Filler Compound to use with the dead end.

While 3M always provides installation training to crews stringing ACCR, we also realize that forgetful moments happen to all of us. Therefore, we recently launched a new, field-friendly, interactive resource to help guide you through those moments.

The new 3M ACCR Installation Guide offers several features that make finding the information you need fast and easy. First, the table of contents is live, allowing you to click on the topic you want to see. Or you can type your topic into the search feature, and the guide will list all the places it appears in the document. Just click the reference you want to see.

Dean Bakke Tech Service Technologist

The guide is rich with tables and photos, and even video, allowing you to see what you need to know. It also offers a variety of views -- you can see information in single or double-page views and at a variety of zoom levels. You can add a Post-It-Note to any place in the document with your own comments. And a link to contact information is included on every other page.

The guide is available on-line on our website. However, when you are installing conductor through a remote location, you may not have internet or even cell phone access. Download the available Apple and Android apps to your tablet or phone or the desktop version to your laptop before you leave your office, and you can access the guide with most of the functionality even when you can't access the internet.

The 3M ACCR Interactive Field Installation Guide is one example of all the steps 3M takes to be sure you get more than amps with your ACCR upgrade – you get confidence, too.

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Meet the Experts

Here are the People Who Help Your Installation Go Smoothly

Todd Staffaroni
Tech Service Specialist

Todd Staffaroni Tech Service Specialist Todd, who leads the 3M ACCR installation team, has been with 3M for 17 years and the 3M High Capacity Conductor Program for twelve. Before joining the program, he worked as an Electrical Technician. As a native Minnesotan from Chisholm, Todd enjoys outdoor sports, including hunting and fishing. He is a graduate of the Eveleth Technical College in Eveleth, Minnesota. He says his favorite part of his job is working with the line crews who install ACCR, something he's done in the U.S., Canada, Brazil, Russia, Germany and England.

Dean Bakke
Tech Service Technologist

Dean Bakke Tech Service Technologist Dean began his career in 1997 as an electrical lineman before joining the 3M ACCR team 7 years ago. Originally from White Bear Lake, Minnesota, Dean attended lineman school at Dakota County Technical College. He also studied Aviation Science at Anoka Hennipen Technical College and barbering at St. Paul Barber College. In addition to providing technical support in places that include China, the Philippines, and the Republic of Congo, he participates with his wife, Annette, in church sponsored mission trips, working with families in need. According to Dean, the favorite part of his job is, "…standing back and looking at the job when it is successfully completed."

Tony Spetz
Tech Service Engineer

Dean Bakke Tech Service Technologist Tony is the newest member of the 3M ACCR installation team, being with the program for a little over a year. Before then, Tony was an operator on the ACCR manufacturing line in Menomonie, Wisconsin. He says his favorite part of his job is its diversity, because Tony is also involved in product qualification, development and laboratory testing. Tony is originally from Scandia, Minnesota and graduated from South Dakota State. Before coming to 3M, he worked in civil engineering, construction and heavy equipment. When not working, Tony and his family are motocross enthusiasts. They own and operate a small privateer race team and travel to tracks around the Midwest during the summer.

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Land of 10,000 Lake Crossings

A cold day in December may not be the best to spend on a lake in northwestern Minnesota. But line crews often wait until lakes are frozen in this area of the country before working on water crossings, such as the Xcel Energy crossing on the southwest shore of Rice Lake. As part of its on-going efforts to provide reliable electricity service to its customers, Xcel Energy determined that it needed to increase ampacity on this span of its 230-kV transmission line, while still maintaining NESC clearance over Rice Lake. If Xcel Energy had used a conventional conductor, it would have had to replace the existing wood structures with taller 5-pole wood structures. But the existing structures were in good shape, and Xcel Energy wanted to get the project done faster than it could have if it rebuilt the line.

To get the results it needed within a tight 3 month time period, Xcel Energy chose to reconductor the line with 3M ACCR. As a result, it was able to keep the existing structures, cross a 1,570-foot (479 meter) span, and meet clearance and reliability requirements. Between November 2012 and February 2013, 3M developed and qualified a custom 183-T114 conductor for this application. The installation was done in just a few days.

Dean Bakke Tech Service Technologist
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