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Spring 2012 - In this Issue

»Join us at IEEE and Win a Kindle Fire
» 3M ACCR in Russia
» Empowering NERC Compliance
» Updated ACCR Website Launched

Visit us at IEEE-PES T&D Conference

Join 3M at Booth 835 in Orlando, May 8th – 10th and register to win prizes, including a Kindle Fire. We will be featuring 3M's distribution and transmission products, including high voltage underground accessories and 3M ACCR advanced high voltage conductor.

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3M ACCR is Russia's Choice for High Temp, Low Sag Conductor

In fast growing economies, keeping up with the energy needs of developing industrial, commercial and residential areas means existing transmission infrastructure can become stressed. Utilities serving these areas are challenged with balancing demand for reliable electricity, minimizing disruptions to daily activity and managing costs. In Russia, they are discovering that reconductoring existing infrastructure with advanced transmission products like 3M ACCR can help them achieve that balance.

For example, in 2011, MOESK Company installed 3M ACCR to increase capacity up to 1,200 amps on a 3.3-kilometer (2.05-mile) 110 kV double-circuit overhead segment of its Cheremushki-Yughnaya line, serving the Nagatino-Sadovniki portion of Moscow's Southern Administrative District. The alternative solution would have been to enlarge the towers to support a 220 kV or 330 kV upgrade, causing difficult logistical problems in the densely populated community. Among other impediments, the line crosses six-lane and eight-lane highways, as well as railroad tracks.

In 2008, MOESK installed 3M ACCR 477-T16 Hawk (238 MM) on the Ochakovo-Odintsovo 110 kV line to achieve a 98% capacity increase quickly while using existing towers. The conductor provided MOESK with a reliable solution in an environment of extreme temperatures and heavy ice and winds. MOESK is Russia's largest interregional distribution grid company, serving a 47,000-square-kilometer (18,147-square-mile) area with a population of about 17 million.

However, not even Moscow's climate can compete with the extreme sub-arctic climate of Siberia. 3M ACCR is installed in Irkutsk, a large city in Siberia, located in south-central Russia near the border with Mongolia. Twenty two miles of 427-T13 Custom conductor and about seventeen miles of 636-T16 conductor are installed on a set of lines bringing power out of the Irkutsk hydro-electric plant on the Angara River.

In addition, ChitaENERGO installed 3M ACCR 477-T13 Flicker to serve the Trans-Baikal Railroad. The reconstruction of the Trans-Baikal Railroad from the Karimskaya station to the Trans-Baikal station in 2008 required additional capacity at the Khanorskaya regional power station and, as a result, the increase of power line transmission capacity to 1,000 amps. Eleven kilometers of Flicker ACCR were installed on a double circuit 110 kV transmission line running between the Khanorskaya regional power station and the Turga substation of the MRSK Siberia  Chitaenergo line in the Trans-Baikal region. Using 3M ACCR not only doubled the transmission capacity but did so without increasing mechanical loads on existing towers while providing reliable power supply to the electrified sections of the railroad.

ChitaENERGO 110 kV line near the Trans-Baikal Railroad

"No problems that required any repairing were recorded on this section of power line during three years of using the conductor that allows to speak about the high quality of the product and good economical effect of this project," remarked Dmitry Popkov, the Construction Director of "Chitaenergo". To date, 3M ACCR's unique low sag, high strength and low weight properties have been a solution on 8 installations in Russia, with an additional 3 installations scheduled for 2012.

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NERC Reliability Standards and 3M ACCR – A Simple Way to Empower Compliance

The electric utility industry's concerns about safeguarding reliability are easy to understand. Electric power drives economic growth and sustainable job creation, provides for our security, and enhances our quality of life. In fact, the idea of reliability standards is not new to the industry. The North American Electric Reliability Council, precursor to today's North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), was formed in the late 1960s by the industry itself, and adherence to NERC reliability standards, while voluntary, set the bar for "good utility practice" .

Today, however, NERC has become the official Reliability Organization for the United States and implements legally enforceable standards. So, while utilities wrestle with integrating intermittent generation resources and regional transactions into a grid not designed for them, reliability compliance has become more complicated and expensive. NERC has over 140 individual standards organized into 14 categories, with penalties for noncompliance that can reach up to $1 million a day .

When faced with a NERC compliance issue due to a clearance problem or a thermally limited line, transmission stakeholders have choices. They can de-rate or rebuild the line or implement a complex and highly-regulated special protection system or remedial action scheme . Or they can consider a simpler solution – upgrade by reconductoring with 3M's advanced transmission technology, ACCR.

Whitepaper PDF

3M has created a whitepaper that focuses on 3 sets of NERC standards – facilities ratings, transmission planning and special protection systems – and how 3M ACCR can help simplify compliance and make it more cost effective, while protecting the reliability of the system.

Download the free whitepaper (desktop version only) – "A Simple Solution for a Complex Issue: NERC Reliability Standards and 3M™ ACCR" to learn more.

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3M ACCR Launches Redesigned Website

Visit our redesigned website to:

  • Download technical brochures and PLS-CADD cable files
  • Get whitepapers on advanced technology and key industry issues
  • Contact us with questions or comments

Go to the new 3M ACCR home page.

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