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Customer Installations

3M ACCR has been installed to solve challenging issues in a variety of environments and operating conditions around the world.

See example customer installations for:

High Load Growth

Shanghai Electric Power Company, Shanghai, China -- YangGao to XinZhou (Yangxing line), 220 kV

On October 14, 2007, Shanghai Electric became the first utility in Asia to install and energize 3M ACCR. Shanghai Electric, a publicly owned utility whose major shareholders are China Power Investment Corp. and East China Power Development Company, serves the Shanghai metropolitan area with more than 2,800 megawatts of generating capacity. Shanghai Electric deployed 3M ACCR to shorten construction time and save costs while increasing capacity on a key 10-mile line serving the growing demand in the city of Shanghai, the largest city in the People’s Republic of China and the eighth largest metropolis in the world, in time for the 2008 Olympics and 2010 World Expo.

TATA Power, Mumbai, India -- Borivali to Malad and Salsette to Saki, 110 kV double circuit, twin bundled

TATA Power installed 125 miles (200 kilometers) of 300 T-16 (150 mm²) 3M ACCR on two lines near Mumbai. The lines were upgraded just 2 years before from a single to a bundled ACSR, but it could not keep pace with the rapid demand growth in the area. In addition, residences had sprung up directly under the lines, and TATA did not want to disturb them, but did want to improve clearances over them. With ACCR, TATA Power met these goals, while increasing capacity enough to last for 10 years.

Western Area Power Administration (WAPA), Bullhead City, Arizona, USA -- Topock-Davis, 230 kV

WAPA, which delivers about 40 billion kilowatt-hours of hydroelectric power annually in fifteen western and central states in the U.S., installed 3M ACCR on a twenty-mile (32 kM) stretch of the Topock-Davis 230 kV line, which parallels the Colorado River along Arizona’s western border with California. The area of service includes fast-growing communities such as Lake Havasu City and Bullhead City in Arizona; Laughlin, Nevada; and Needles, California.

Long Span/River Crossings

ComisiĆ³n Federal de Electricidad, San Vicente, Ensenada, Mexico -- Ensenada River Crossing, 115 kV

View the video to see CFE, Mexico's electric transmission utility, install 3M ACCR on a 115 kV line to avoid replacing a damaged tower in an environmentally sensitive area.

With 3M ACCR, they got the capacity they needed without changing towers or replacing the damaged tower, while improving the clearance over the river. The installation also demonstrates the ease with which the conductor was installed.

British Columbia Hydro/British Columbia Transmission Company, Vancouver Island, Canada -- Vancouver Island Transmission Reinforcement Project – Montague and Samsun Crossings, 230 kV

BCTC, the operator of the transmission system for the British Columbia province, installed 3M ACCR on two segments of the Vancouver Island Transmission Reinforcement (VITR) Project to minimize the disruption to the diverse ecology and sensitive waterways. Larger towers to accommodate larger conductors or double bundling would require bringing heavy equipment into remote areas by barge; installing new foundations and towers; digging out the existing footings and then transporting the aggregate. Moreover, one of the segments goes through part of a provincial park where preserving the sightline was important. Using 3M ACCR, the transmission utility was able to meet these goals.

In addition, they were able to install the conductor through unusually long spans, avoiding adding towers to the line. One segment, the Sansum Crossing, included a 5,800 foot (1,770 m) single span. The second segment, the Montague Crossing, was a 6,000 foot (1,830 m) multi-span installation.

CPFL Paulista, Sao Paulo, Brazil -- Iacanga Substation, Tieté River, 138 kV double circuit

As part of building a new line across the river, CPFL Energia’s power distribution unit, CPFL Paulista, eliminated the need for a tower on an island that had been submerged during spring flooding by installing 3M ACCR 336-T16 (171 mm²) on structures on each shore. Using the 3M conductor avoided the delay of waiting for the river to subside, allowed better control over overall project costs and lowered the construction risks and environmental impacts of installing foundations and towers in the middle of the river. The utility can also use standard maintenance procedures, as the need for boats was eliminated. The ampacity increase was equal to the ACSR Hawk 477 kcmil (238 mm²) on the rest of the line.

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Permitting in an Environmentally Sensitive Area

Xcel Energy, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA -- Blue Lake to Black Dog, 115 kV

Minneapolis-based Xcel Energy installed 795-T16 (418 mm²) ACCR on a 10 mile (16 km) transmission line in the Minneapolis-St. Paul region. Xcel Energy used the conductor as part of an expansion project at the utility’s Blue Lake peaking plant in Shakopee. The line crosses an interstate and two major highways at multiple points and several residential and industrial areas. The line also crosses protected wetlands and a National Wildlife Refuge. Using either ACSR or ACSS would have meant rebuilding the line and months of permitting delays. Reconductoring with 3M ACCR required only a 30 day notice to a single agency.

Companhia de Transmissao de Energia Electrica Paulista (CTEEP), Border of São Paulo and Mato Grosso do Sul States, Brazil -- Jup-Tri Paraná River Crossing, 138 kV double circuit

CTEEP installed 300-T16 (150 mm²) 3M ACCR to upgrade a 138 kV transmission line crossing an environmentally sensitive river bed to boost capacity for power transmission for the Jupiá Electrical System. CTEEP, which is principally owned by Grupo Empresarial ISA (ISA Group), one of South America's largest electricity and telecommunications providers, supplies almost all of the electricity consumed in the State of Sao Paulo and 30 percent of the electrical power consumed nationwide. The line crosses the nearly mile-wide Paraná River and is subject to strong winds and extremely high temperatures. The installation was completed in just 6 days.

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Permitting New Construction

Aha Macav Power Services and Western Area Power Administration (WAPA), Needles, California, USA -- Firehouse-No Name Reliability Interconnect, 69 kV

Under an agreement with the Western Area Power Administration (WAPA), Aha Macav installed a new four-mile 3M ACCR line linking a new substation in Arizona to a switchyard in Needles, CA, a city on the western bank of the Colorado River. Using 3M ACCR enabled the use of shorter towers that matched the height of an adjacent line. This meant the line had to be permitted by only one agency, compared to multiple agencies if taller towers were used.

The new line substantially boosts power capacity and reliability for Needles and the surrounding area, which have been plagued by frequent electricity outages in recent years, often during periods of extreme high temperature. The Fort Mojave Tribe, whose reservation encompasses portions of eastern California, southern Nevada and western Arizona, is one of only a handful of tribes served by its own utility.

Grand Bahama Power Company, Grand Bahama Island -- Queens Highway to Ginn sur Mer Development, 69 kV

Grand Bahama Power, which serves Grand Bahama Island’s 45,000 residences, needed a new 69 kV transmission line for a new residential, hotel and recreational development, as well as near-by communities. 3M supplied ACCR 300 -T16 (150 mm²) for the line, a smaller diameter conductor than otherwise required, allowing shorter composite poles and smaller foundations and improving corrosion and wind resistance in an area subject to hurricanes, while meeting clearances over energized lines and transportation crossings.

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Densely Populated or Under-built Areas

Arizona Public Service (APS), Phoenix, Arizona, USA -- Phoenix Metro Trunkline, 230 kV

APS installed 3M ACCR 1272-T13 (642 mm²) to increase capacity on an overhead transmission line extending from a local area power plant to a downtown Phoenix substation. The conductor was used to upgrade a line that had already been upgraded once with ACSS. The installation provides increased capacity to service a fast-growing metropolitan area that experiences extreme summer heat. The new conductor eliminated the need for the utility to site, acquire right-of-way, and construct a new power line route in a congested downtown business area. The utility selected ACCR as a result of a twelve-month evaluation of various high temperature, low sag conductors. 3M’s ability to supply a complete package, including conductor hardware and installation support, was instrumental in the utility’s selection of ACCR.

CPFL Piratininga, Jundiai SP, Brasil - Ramal – Duratex, 88 kV double circuit

CPFL Piratininga, a power distribution unit of CPFL Energia, used 336-T16 (171 mm²) 3M ACCR to expand transmission capacity in Várzea Paulista and Jundiaí (SP), Brasil. Because part of the existing line was located in an urban corridor with houses on both sides, installing new towers was deemed too risky, as the conductor ran over buildings and access to the line for foundation and structural work was difficult. Installing 3M ACCR provided the needed upgrade capacity without the need to construct new towers, accelerating and simplifying installation. CPFL Piratininga also chose 3M ACCR for its reliability.

Manila Electric Company (MERALCO), Manila, Philippines - Novalishe-Kaybiga Line, 115 kV

MERALCO, the largest distribution utility in the Philippines, needed to increase capacity on an urban line along a crowded thoroughfare in the City of Manila. The original plan called for new poles and bundled 795 ACSR. Instead, they used ACCR 795 T-16 (418 mm²) single bundle, allowing them to use the same poles and rights of way, minimizing disturbances in the area.

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Short Timelines

Chongqing Electric Power Corporation, Chongqing China, Shuinian to Shuangshan (Shuishuang line), 220 kV double circuit

Chongqing Electric needed extra capacity to meet anticipated heavy power demand for the summer Olympics in Beijing and did not have time to construct new towers. This installation serves more than a half million residents within two districts in Chongqing City, an ancient city with a population of approximately four million located on the Yangtze River in southwest China, within Sichuan Province. Chongqing is in a subtropical region with high humidity and frequently extreme summer heat, and 3M ACCR was chosen in part because of its proven reliability in difficult climates.

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Silicon Valley Power (SVP), Santa Clara, California, USA -- Center Loop and Palm Substation, 60 kV

SVP, the municipal utility of the City of Santa Clara, is located in the heart of the Silicon Valley area, where reliability is paramount for serving high-tech industries. Equally important are using existing structures and minimizing the disruption to both residential and business neighborhoods. The installations also had to accommodate a 12 kV line running under the installation and a 115 kV line crossing above the installation in 2 locations, as well as multiple railroad and highway crossings. It also had to match the existing sag and tensions without putting additional stress on the existing towers while delivering a significant capacity increase.

Platte River Power Authority (PRPA), Fort Collins, Colorado, USA – Timberline-Harmony, 230 kV

To ensure adequate transmission capacity during summer peak demand hours, PRPA installed 954-T13 (490 mm²) 3M ACCR as a replacement conductor on a three-mile segment of a line that links Fort Collins and Loveland, extending southward along the Union Pacific railroad right-of-way. The upgrade was needed to meet N-1 reliability requirements, and 3M ACCR performed as required in heavy loads and emergency conditions during a 2008 tornado. The conductor allowed PRPA to use only the existing, relatively new towers and eliminated the need for permitting and other requirements which would have been necessary for new towers, while preserving the sightline and without impacting the nearby bike path and railroad.

PRPA generates electricity for its owner communities of Estes Park, Fort Collins, Longmont and Loveland, Colorado. Its facilities are located along the Front Range and northwestern Colorado in addition to near Medicine Bow, Wyoming.

Alabama Power, Northeastern Alabama, USA -- Bynum to Anniston, 230 kV

Southern Company subsidiary, Alabama Power, installed 1033-T13 (525 mm²) 3M ACCR to replace a 10-mile (16-kilometer) line in northeastern Alabama. The line was upgraded to meet contingency requirements resulting from the addition of generation to serve summer peak loads. 3M ACCR was chosen for this project to avoid replacing approximately half the transmission structures and installing eight additional structures. This significantly reduced construction time, allowing the line to be taken out of service for this project without impacting grid reliability. Alabama Power Company supplies electricity to 1.3 million homes, businesses and industrial facilities.

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Harsh Environments

Western Area Power Administration (WAPA), Fargo, North Dakota, USA -- Jamestown to Fargo, 230 kV

In 2002, 795-T16 (418 mm²) 3M ACCR was installed by Western on the Fargo-Jamestown 230 kV line near Fargo, North Dakota. The climatic conditions exposed the cable to high winds, extreme cold, ice loading and conditions conducive to Aeolian vibration. ACCR was installed on a 1-mile stretch of the circuit. In the winter of 2005/2006, ice built up on the conductor, doubling the span’s mechanical loads. Despite the ice loading, there have been no problems since the line was installed. The line data follows the predictions made by models for sag, tension, and rating.


Hawaiian Electric Power Company, Oahu, Hawaii, USA -- Pole 810 to Pole 818, Kahuku, 46 kV

Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO) installed a 477-T16 (238 mm²) 3M ACCR on a 46 kV line located on the North Shore of Oahu for the evaluation of ACCR corrosion resistance, while also increasing the ampacity along the existing right-of-way by approximately 72%. The area is known for its highly corrosive environment. The ACCR conductor has been operating with no sign of deterioration since 2001.

Chita Energo, Siberia, Russia -- Line 64-65, 110 kV

Chita Energo needed a large capacity upgrade to serve an industrial area in Siberia. Besides needing to install the upgrade without disturbing under-built facilities, the conductor had to be installed and operated in extremely cold ambient temperatures and short periods of daylight. Chita chose 477-T13 (238 mm²) 3M ACCR because of its demonstrated durability, as well as its ability to more than double the capacity on the existing towers.

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Extra High Voltage and Renewable Energy

Amprion GmbH, Lingen, Germany -- Hannekenfahr-Gersteinwerk, 400 kV line

To prepare for expected load growth due to the expansion of renewables in the area, Amprion installed 3M ACCR 470 kcmil (238 mm²) on a 400 kV line. Amprion has the largest EHV transmission system in Germany, which runs between Lower Saxony and the border to Switzerland and Austria. Amprion chose the conductor only after it passed a dozen tests, including strength and installation testing.

Réseau de Transport d’Electricité (RTE), Distré, France -- Avoine - Distré, 400 kV bundled

RTE, a wholly-owned subsidiary of EdF, is the transmission system operator of France. After intensive testing, including corona, strength, short circuit, resistance and thermal-mechanical testing, RTE installed 3M ACCR 1033 TW T-28 in close quarters near the Distré substation. The 400 kV line had become thermally limited and more capacity was needed for anticipated renewable energy sources.

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Changing Clearance Requirements

Grays Harbor Public Utility District, Aberdeen, Washington USA -- Chehalis River Estuary Crossing, 115 and 69 kV

Grays Harbor PUD used 3M ACCR to avoid tower construction in an environmentally sensitive area on the banks of the Chehalis River. The utility needed to increase clearances to enable them to raise the fiber optic line over the river to meet Army Corps of Engineers’ requirements. By using the conductor, they were able to meet those requirements, increase capacity and upgrade 3 circuits on the same crossing without enlarging towers. This allowed them to avoid permitting and other potential delays by using existing rights-of-way and towers.

Allegheny Power, West Virginia, USA - Bedington-Nipetown, 138 kV

Allegheny Power, a division of Allegheny Energy Inc., installed 3M ACCR to upgrade a 138 kV line linking the Bedington and Nipetown substations along Interstate-81 in West Virginia. The 1.7-mile upgrade boosted transmission capacity on a line some 50 miles northwest of Washington, D.C. The 138 kV line shares structures with three other lines for most of its length, including two under-built 12 kV lines, has a flow of 2,200 amps and is expected to peak at a temperature of 200°C. The line is built on self supporting steel poles with drilled pier concrete foundations.

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