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3M QS4 Integrated Splice for Medium Voltage Cables Installs Quickly
AUSTIN, Texas - April 9, 2014
3M announces the Cold Shrink QS4 Integrated Splice now available for the construction and industrial market. Introduced to the utility market in 2013, the 3M Cold Shrink QS4 splice integrates all of the layers of a shielded power cable splice into one compact joint to make installation quick and easy.

3M Introduces LED Advanced Light for Enclosed Commercial Applications
AUSTIN, Texas - December 9, 2013
3M introduced one of the first LED A19 lamps approved for enclosed fixtures in commercial applications. 3M, a global pioneer in light and heat management solutions, manufactures the LED A19 lamps in the U.S. with U.S. and globally sourced components.

New Gloves from 3M Protect Hands While Improving Dexterity
AUSTIN, Texas - October 8, 2013
3M announces a new line of hand protection. Designed with electricians and contractors in mind, the new 3M Comfort Grip and Gripping Material work gloves provide physical protection from cuts, punctures and abrasions while increasing dexterity and grip.

3M Presents Ford F-150 Truck to Master Electrician
AUSTIN, Texas - September 25, 2012
Proving that being made in America does indeed have its rewards, electrician Tim Frost won the 2012 Ford F-150 truck grand prize for the 3M 2012 Made in America Tape sweepstakes promotion.

3M and NJATC Join Forces to Develop Online Curriculum for All IBEW/NECA Electrical Workers
AUSTIN - Texas - April 10, 2012
Today 3M announced a multi-year strategic collaboration with National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (NJATC) to train the next generation of electrical workers.

Newest Portable Labeler from 3M Features Computer-Style Keyboard
AUSTIN - Texas - March 6, 2012
3M Electrical Markets Division together with DYMO® Industrial, part of Newell Rubbermaid's Technology global business unit, introduced a new addition to the 3M Portable Labelers product line, designed specifically for the unique needs of electrical markets. The Portable Labeler PL150 from 3M is the first in the family to feature a computer-style (QWERTY) keyboard.

3M Upgrades Cable Tie Portfolio Without Increasing Prices
AUSTIN, Texas - November 30, 2011
In response to growing customer demand, 3M recently upgraded its existing cable tie portfolio with new products that are plenum rated and UL listed as well as manufactured in the United States.

IMARK Selects 3M as 2011 "Supplier of the Year"
AUSTIN, Texas - November 8, 2011
The IMARK Group recently named 3M a 2011 "Supplier of the Year" at IMARK's annual meeting. This is the second time in three years IMARK has conferred this honor on 3M.

AUSTIN, Texas - June 2, 2010
3M Electrical Markets Division introduced a new family of portable, industrial labelers designed specifically for the unique needs of electrical markets. The 3M Portable Labelers, manufactured by DYMO, can be used for DIY or industrial jobsite applications to easily label wires, cables, modules, panels and blocks in addition to creating custom flags or vertical labels.

3M / Dymo Industrial Form Strategic Alliance
AUSTIN, Texas - April 18, 2010
The 3M Electrical Markets Division and DYMO Industrial, the industrial division of DYMO, a Newell Rubbermaid company (NYSE: NWL), announced the formation of a strategic alliance today. Financial details of the agreement were not released.

3M Adds Cold Shrink Joint Kits to 69kV Line
AUSTIN, Texas - December 15, 2009
The new 3M™ Cold Shrink Joint Kits QS-III join the 3M Cold Shrink Termination Kits QT-III to complete 3M's line of 69/72.5kV cable accessories for power transmission and distribution, petrochemical, transportation and other heavy industry applications.

New Connector Bags from 3M Make All the Difference
AUSTIN, Texas - June 4, 2009
Sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference, which is why making a plastic bag thicker and more durable is so important. 3M Electrical Spring Connectors 312 (yellow) and 512 (red), 500 count, are being sold in new bags that are designed to stand on their own and are resealable. This makes it easy to grab a single connector at a time and not end up with a couple hundred on the floor around your feet.

Broader Line of 3M Safety Products Is Available at Electrical Distributors
AUSTIN, Texas - May 27, 2009
3M offers a full line of products to promote occupational health and environmental safety. With the acquisition of Aearo Technologies Inc., manufacturer and owner of brand names such as E-A-R, Peltor and SafeWaze, 3M has added hearing protection, safety eyewear and fall protection to its full line of respiratory products.

Scotch Cool Gray Arc Proofing Tape Protects Cable Makes Visibility in Manhole Better
AUSTIN, Texas - April 1, 2009
Inspections are easier and tape more visible in a manhole with the new cool gray Scotch® Fire-Retardant Electric Arc Proofing Tape 77W.

Off to the Races 3M-Graybar promotion accelerates sales, treats customers to a NASCAR weekend
AUSTIN, Texas - March 26, 2009
3M's Electrical Markets Division and Graybar Electric teamed on a promotion in order to spark higher sales. The joint effort boosted sales of 3M products through Graybar by double-digit percentage points in 2008, benefiting both supplier and distributor.

3M Moisture Guard Connector Provides Quick and Easy Moisture-Resistant Connection
AUSTIN, Texas - March 19, 2009
Outdoor wire connecting can be faster with a new connector from 3M that strips, connects and seals wire in one step. The 3M™ Scotchlok™ Moisture Guard Connector accommodates the thicker insulation used in irrigation controls.

Rugged New Cold Shrink Quick Splice from 3M Offers Added Protection for Low-Voltage Connections
AUSTIN, Texas – March 17, 2009
A tough, new, low-voltage splice from 3M combines the reliability of cold shrink technology with a broad cable range. The two sizes of 3M™ Cold Shrink Quick Splice Low Voltage QSLV-M include factory-installed mastic in each end of the tube to accommodate an especially wide cable range.

Protect Electrical Assets with Variety of Barricade Tapes from 3M
AUSTIN, Texas – February 17, 2009
Provide warnings to restrict entry to hazardous areas with a complete line of Scotch Barricade Tapes from 3M for the electrical industry.

3M Salutes American Electrical Workers
AUSTIN, Texas – February 11, 2009
Patriotism is the theme of 3M's newest electrical tape and connectors promotion, which begins Feb. 16 and runs until May 15, or while supplies last. Supporting materials pay homage to American workers and American-made products.

3M Spring Connectors Make Super Bowl a Little Sweeter
AUSTIN, Texas – January 29, 2009
Super Bowl XLIII should be a little more special for the five winners of 3M's most recent promotion of electrical spring wire connectors. They'll be watching in style from the comfort of their own homes as a result of winning the 3M Super Game Day Sweepstakes.

New 3M™ Cold Shrink Short Termination Fits in Small Places
AUSTIN, Texas - October 22, 2008
3M™ Cold Shrink Silicone Rubber Short Terminations QT-III 762X-T-95 Series are designed for faster installation in limited-space enclosures for 2kV-8kV applications where a standard-length termination won't fit. They also help meet new NEC Code requirements.

3M Launches Tough Mining Tape for Extreme Mining Applications
AUSTIN, Texas – July 1, 2008
3M, inventor of industry standard Scotch® Vinyl Electrical Tape, is introducing Scotch® Heavy Duty Mining Tape 31, a tough, abrasion-resistant tape. Used for quick, onsite jacket repair and splicing of mining cable, the tape is flexible, and the self-healing property of the mastic keeps out moisture.

3M Offers New Cold Shrink Splice Kit for 46kV Cable
AUSTIN, Texas – April 25, 2008
3M has introduced a new cold shrink inline splice kit designed to splice 46kV solid dielectric power cable. The new 3M Cold Shrink Splice Kit QS-III 5545A is designed for cables with a conductor size range from 4/0 AWG-1000 kcmil, which are typically used by power utilities and heavy industry.

3M Cold Shrink Branch Splice Is Available
AUSTIN, Texas – April 22, 2008
The 3M Cold Shrink Branch Splice QS-2001B from 3M allows power utilities and industrial contractors to more easily make a wye splice configuration on electrical power cables rated up to 15kV. This branch splice was market tested in the U.S. and now is widely available.

3M Cold Shrink Technology Is 40 Years Old And Still Protecting, Insulating, Splicing & Terminating
AUSTIN, Texas – April 18, 2008
3M is celebrating the 40th anniversary of its development of cold shrink technology.

3M Celebrates Scotch Vinyl Electrical Tapes with New Promotion, Works with NASCAR, Another American Legend
AUSTIN, Texas – March 18, 2008
3M celebrates American Legends – Scotch® vinyl electrical tapes and NASCAR – with a new promotion. 3M observed the 60th anniversary of the invention of vinyl electrical tapes last year, and NASCAR celebrates its 60th anniversary this year.

Electrician and Distributor Win 3M Trip to the Races
AUSTIN, Texas – November 8, 2007
Joseph Tippett, Jr., an electrician and owner of Tippett & Sons Electrical Services in Mechanicsville, Md., has won the most recent 3M Electrical Markets Division promotion for 3M spring connectors.

3M Will "Keep 'em Rollin'" with Fall Promotion
AUSTIN, Texas – September 12, 2007
3M continues to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Vinyl Electrical Tape with a fall promotion.

3M Tape Designed to Protect High Voltage Cable Terminations
AUSTIN, Texas – September 11, 2007
The new Scotch® Silicone Rubber Electrical Tape 70 HDT is designed to increase resistance against surface arcing and tracking of high voltage cable terminations.

Scotchlok™ 50th Anniversary
AUSTIN, Texas – September 11, 2007
This year 3M and the telecom industry are celebrating the 50th anniversary of 3M's invention of the Scotchlok connector, a small but powerful tool that has changed very little in that 50 years but helped make a world of difference in the industry.

3M™ Scotchlok™ IDCs Meet Needs of Wired Home
AUSTIN, Texas – May 14, 2007
As electricians take on more and more wiring responsibilities to meet today's homeowners' needs for voice, video, data, security and more, they will find the connectors they need at the electrical distributors' storefront.

Electrical Distributors Celebrate 3M's Invention of Vinyl Electrical Tape
AUSTIN, Texas – February 2, 2007
The 60th anniversary of 3M's invention of vinyl electrical tape is being celebrated at electrical supply distributors across the country.

3M Introduces First High-Voltage Cold Shrink Termination for Reduced Wall Cable
AUSTIN, Texas – January 11, 2007
3M expands its line of cold shrink products for high-voltage applications with the first termination kits for 69/72,5kV reduced-wall cable.

3M Goes Retro for Promotion Celebrating Creation of Vinyl Electrical Tape
AUSTIN, Texas – January 10, 2007
The 3M Electrical Markets Division's newest promotion takes a look back to the 1940s in observance of the company's invention of the first vinyl electrical tape.

NASCAR Winner Announced
AUSTIN, Texas – December 20, 2006
Irene Wegierski of suburban Cleveland won the 3M family of tan electrical spring connectors promotion last summer.

New 3M Polyimide Tape Designed for High Temperatures
AUSTIN, Texas – November 1, 2006
3M has a new polyimide film tape designed for high-temperature applications requiring a tough, thin backing that resists solvents.

3M Electrical Tape Sweepstakes Winner Named
AUSTIN, Texas – August 31, 2006
A professional electrician, Tom Corradini of Kenosha, Wis., has won 3M’s latest Scotch® Super 33+™ vinyl electrical tape sweepstakes. He and a friend will go to the Richard Petty Driving Experience KING’S EXPERIENCE at a location of Corradini’s choice.

3M Motor Lead Splice Kits Are Available for 8kV Motors
AUSTIN, Texas – April 7, 2006
A 3M motor lead pigtail splice kit that has a removable and reusable boot is one of the latest innovations from 3M. Used in splicing motor lead cables to incoming feeder cables, this new boot fits cables for motors up to 8kV.

3M Announces Daytona 500 Trip Winners
AUSTIN, Texas – Jan. 18, 2006
Winners of a Scotch Super 33+ vinyl electrical tape promotion featuring the NASCAR Daytona 500 and NASCAR-licensed items will be viewing the Daytona 500 next month from the 3M suite at the Daytona International Speedway.

3M Electrical Tape Could Be Ticket to Drive
AUSTIN, Texas – January 13, 2006
3M has kicked off its latest tape promotion, which will result in some lucky person winning a trip for two to the Richard Petty Driving experience KING’S EXPERIENCE.

3M Brings Cold Shrink to High-Voltage Applications
AUSTIN, Texas – November 29, 2005
3M is introducing cold shrink technology to the high-voltage market, making it faster and easier to install a 69kV termination. Cold shrink technology was invented by 3M and until now has been available only for medium- and low-voltage applications.

3M Introduces First Cold Shrink Branch Splice
AUSTIN, Texas – August 11, 2005
A new splice from 3M allows power utilities and industrial contractors to more easily make a wye/branch splice configuration on electrical power cables rated up to 15 kV.

3M Cold Shrink Foldback Splice Jacket Solves Space Issues
AUSTIN, Texas – July 7, 2005
The new 3M cold shrink foldback splice jacket kit SJ-FB provides a continuous tube from cable jacket to cable jacket with no seams, providing an excellent environmental seal and splice protection.

New 3M Connector Designed for Residential & Commercial Projects
AUSTIN, Texas – March 17, 2005
Designed specifically for use in residential and commercial construction projects, the 3M wire connector 412 will accept up to four #12 solid or stranded wires and has a range of #22 to #8 wires.