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Environmental Health and Safety


Protecting our social and physical environment is one of 3M’s core values. At 3M Cumberland, we achieve this through our commitment to proactive environmental management.

Managing Our Environmental Footprint

Environmental Health and Safety Management System

3M Cumberland's Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Management System promotes sound environmental management. It helps us to manage the environmental footprint of our operations, drive sustainable growth, and address the expectations of our stakeholders. These stakeholders include our employees, customers, regulators, environmental groups, and the communities surrounding our plant.

Our EHS Management System:

  • Includes an integrated, holistic system that anticipates and addresses long-term issues and drives continuous improvement.
  • Promotes a strategic planning process that integrates EHS issues into business planning.
  • Includes a process for identifying issues, developing formal action plans, setting goals and measuring results.


Pollution Prevention
3M pioneered the concept of pollution prevention with the creation of the pollution prevention pays (3P) program in 1975. The 3P program is based on the reality that pollution prevention is more environmentally effective, technically sound and economical than conventional pollution control equipment. Natural resources, energy and money are used to build conventional pollution controls, and more resources are consumed operating them. Conventional controls are temporarily and do not eliminate the problem. 3P seeks to eliminate pollution at the source through product reformulation, process modification, equipment redesign, and the recycling and reuse of waste materials.

Through 3P and other environmental programs 3M Cumberland has significantly reduced our impacts on the environment. We continue to strive for improvement as we maintain our position as a good neighbor to the community.

Behavior Based Safety
A cornerstone for our employee safety plan is behavior based safety. Through peer observations employees can provide a fresh set of eyes to a co-worker and provide constructive, positive feedback that can identify specific employee behaviors that may prevent and injury or incident. Data is collected and analyzed to provide insight into both department and plant level opportunities, such as providing proper lifting seminars to address behavioral improvement for bending, reaching, or twisting.

Key Accomplishments
We are particularly proud of our work around the following:

  • 3M Cumberland received ISO 14001 certification in 2001.
  • 3M Cumberland received numerous EHS Leadership Awards including the following:
    • For the development and implementation of an automated process that reduced or eliminated significant ergonomic issues for our workers.
    • For the creative implementation of a web based application to track our behavior based safety observation data. This site has now been replicated and is being used by several 3M plants.
    • For developing an innovative approach to dust management that enabled the use of a novel natural fiber in the manufacture of hand pads.
  • 3M Cumberland was accepted into the Wisconsin DNR Green Tier program in 2010. This program recognizes significant environmental improvements with commitment for future sustainable gains.



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