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3M is addressing the presence of PFCs in the environment at three former disposal sites. The company has received approval from the MPCA to proceed at each site (Oakdale, Woodbury and 3M Cottage Grove) and has begun work at each of the three sites. In 2010 additional work will take place and will include soil removal and enhancement of groundwater collection or treatment to remove PFCs. Each site is being managed under site-specific work plans approved by the MPCA.

PFC Update

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) issued written approval for the PFC cleanup plan for the former disposal areas at 3M Cottage Grove on September 2, 2009. Standard procedure requires 3M to submit a remedial design / remedial action plan. This document provides details on how the physical work will be accomplished.

While the broad cleanup document was under consideration by the MPCA, 3M submitted an Interim Response Action Plan to allow the company to begin some of the cleanup work as soon as possible. This interim plan was approved by the MPCA. 3M began areas, known as D1 and D2, and that process is approximately 50% complete. About 12,000 tons of soil have been removed from the 3M Cottage Grove site.

It is anticipated that during 2010 that soil removal will be completed at another (D9) 3M Cottage Grove area along with engineering plans for removal of sediment from the East Cove area with construction to begin in 2011. A pilot pumping program will be initiated during 2010 to help determine the final extraction and treatment system.

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3M Cottage Grove was one of 3M's manufacturing site for these materials.  In 2000, 3M began to phase out of these materials due to their wide presence in the environment.  By 2002, the phase out was complete at this location.   More information about these materials at 3M, the company's phase out and new technologies can be found at:  


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