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3M Introduces Innovative Alternative to Coating Water Pipelines With Patent-Pending Process

Municipal Water Workers Invited to Participate in Pilot Programs

San Diego, CA – June 14, 2009 (AWWA Ace 09, Booth # 1203 and 1205) – 3M announces today the introduction of its new 3M™ Scotchkote™ Spray In Place Pipe 269 Coating for potable water pipeline infrastructure. The Scotchkote™ pipe coating requires just a one hour cure time and offers the ability for rapid, same-day return to water service to neighborhoods where pipelines are being rehabilitated. The Scotchkote™ coating remedies pipe corrosion, and in combination with a trenchless technology application process, restores pipe width and enhances water flow using a pioneering trenchless application process. Minimizing public water service disruption is key when utilities rehabilitate infrastructure. The 3M Scotchkote™ product provides cost efficiencies, compared to other alternatives, with technology that provides corrosion protection for years to come.

The unique polyurea blend formulation was first developed in 3M’s United Kingdom subsidiary, where similar products have successfully been used and proven for potable water infrastructure. "Coating water pipelines is crucial to public water systems to protect against leaching or migrating of contaminants into the drinking water supply," said Gary Natwig, 3M marketing development manager for 3M Water Infrastructure. "3M™ Scotchkote™ Spray In Place Pipe 269 Coating is a sustainable cost-effective method of rehabilitating potable water pipe infrastructure."

The company will be providing demonstrations and job training on this proprietary chemistry and trenchless application process and will establish pilots with municipalities. "Municipalities, engineers, city managers and applicators interested in learning more about our new solution and working with 3M are invited to contact us," Natwig stated.

For information or to schedule a demonstration, please call us at 800-722-6721 and ask for Gary Natwig.

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