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3M™ Fortified Tooling Prepreg: Welcome to the next generation of composite tooling

Break the mold

Get ready to rewrite the rulebook for making composite tools. Now you can create harder, longer-lasting tools with 3M™ Fortified Tooling Prepreg. This nano-enhanced, thermo-setting epoxy provides greater resistance to microcracking, delamination and scratching. So your tools can last longer. And your manufacturing costs can be lower. In addition, because it also lowers thermal expansion and reduces shrinkage, 3M Fortified Tooling Prepreg can enhance your tooling design flexibility.

Extend the life of your tooling

Continuous exposure to temperature extremes can lead to microcracking and edge delamination in conventional composite tooling. This can weaken the seal and compromise part quality. 3M Fortified Tooling Prepreg improves fracture resistance (KIC) and shear strength of your composite tools, significantly extending their effective life.

55% greater fracture toughness

3M Fortified Tooling Prepreg increases resin fracture toughness (KIC) by 55% over standard prepreg epoxies.

17% higher shear strength

Laminates made with 3M Fortified Tooling Prepreg are 17% stronger than standard tooling laminates.

Expand your design possibilities

Tools made with 3M Fortified Tooling Prepreg exhibit 47% less springback than conventional tooling, as well as less shrinkage and thermal expansion. The result? Now you can design tools with sharper angles and tighter dimensional tolerances–without making a new master.

  • Your tools are more accurate right off the master.
  • You can meet your dimension specifications longer, or require less sacrificial material to machine back to your specified dimensions-saving you time and money.
47% less springback

Sharp-angled tools made with 3M Fortified Tooling Prepreg exhibit 47% less springback than standard products.

Cut your manufacturing costs

Post-tooling adjustments and scratch repairs are the bane of composite manufacturers. With 3M Fortified Tooling Prepreg, you can create incredibly hard tools that resist scratches.
  • Less scuffing and scratching means less part rework and lower manufacturing costs long term.
  • Your tools stay in production, not in your repair area.
greater composite hardness

3M Fortified Tooling Prepregs are substantially harder than conventional composite tooling materials in both the fiber and resin areas.

Start a new cycle of tougher, harder, longer-lasting tooling with 3M™ Fortified Tooling Prepreg.