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Introduction to 3M™ CNG Tanks

3M™ CNG Tanks

Product Information


3M™ CNG Type IV Tanks are designed to provide improved capacity and reduced weight. Our Tanks feature 3M™ Matrix Resin, an exclusive, enhanced expoxy resin that provides improved strength and durability over conventional Type IV CNG Tanks. Tanks are designed for a service pressure of 3600 psi (at 70°F). All tanks meet the requirements of ANSI NGV 2-2007 and US DOT MVSS.







21.5" x 60"

18.5" x 60"**

18.5" x 45"**

26" x 80"**


LD Trucks & Vans, Day Cabs

LD Trucks & Vans

SUVs, Passenger Vehicles

Class 8 Heavy Duty Trucks

Water Vol. (L)





Tank Weight
















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Contact 3M

Contact 3M

Contact 3M


Equipped with OMB's NEW high-performance, high-flow Lyra solenoid valve with integrated thermally activated pressure relief device.


Brackets specifically designed for 3M's Type IV tank, to safely and securely fasten the tank while accommodating expansion and contraction during filling and use.


GGE and DGE Conversions 0.0844 GGE/L of water volume; 0.0753 DGE/L of water volume


**These 3M products are still under development and have not been introduced by 3M for general sale. The product's formulation, configuration, performance characteristics, specifications, availability, and pricing are not guaranteed and are subject to change or withdrawal at any time and without notice.


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Transportation's natural progression

Compressed natural gas not only burns cleaner than diesel but it is also up to 50% cheaper per gallon equivalent at the pump. Pairing this greener, cheaper fuel with 3M’s technology will help maximize the benefits of your natural gas vehicle. Thanks to revolutionary 3M™ Matrix Resins, our CNG Tanks offer a compressed natural gas storage solution that’s stronger, lighter and more cost effective. Through improving fiber load sharing in the composite overwrap, the proprietary 3M™Matrix Resins transform critical burst and fatigue-life performance of CNG Tanks, which enables 3M to design tanks with greater capacity and lighter weight. 3M’s Type IV carbon fiber tanks offer up to 10% more capacity at up to 30% lower weight than conventional Type IV tanks of similar geometries. The result: 3M CNG Tanks deliver improved fuel economy and greater payload capacity for longer trips between refueling.

Burst Pressure - Fiber Delivered Strength

Burst Pressure - Fiber Delivered Strength

3M™ Matrix Resins improve the fiber delivered strength in burst testing by 6% over vessels with conventional resins.

Burst Pressure After Impact

Burst Pressure - after impact

A 30% increase in COPV burst after impact damage is enabled by 3M™ Matrix Resins.

Fatigue Life

fatigue life

Fatigue life cycling of vessels with 3M™ Matrix Resins is lengthened by over 50%.

The nanoscopic secret to the lightest bike frame in the 2013 Tour de France.