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Skin care doesn't have to be difficult. In fact, one of the secrets to healthier-looking skin is simply removing the buildup of dead skin, grime and makeup that can block pores and cause redness and breakouts. Buf-Puf™ Sponges are clinically proven to exfoliate the skin, removing dry, dead skin cells to reveal a softer, smoother, healthier-looking complexion.

Get back that healthy glow with these beauty basics:

Remove all your makeup before going to bed. You may not know it, but most skin care cleansers and soaps do not effectively remove all cosmetics from your skin's surface.  Using a Buf-Puf™ Facial Sponge to lift and capture the make-up and other residue from your skin will help prevent blocked pores.

A Buf-Puf facial sponge can help you get the most out of your sunless tanning lotion. Simply use before applying your favorite sunless tanning product and you'll get a more even, natural looking tan.

A pleasing complexion is not just the result of gentle care - it boasts an inner harmony. To present a fresh face to the world, take time out to relax every day. Consider meditation, deep breathing exercises, a hot bath or a daydream or two.

Keep your skin hydrated. Every day your skin has to fight to protect your body from the elements - sun, pollution, smoke, stress, even a low protein diet. Pair a Buf-Puf facial sponge with your favorite cleanser and follow with a light moisturizer and you will keep your skin in top defensive form.

Make-up goes on more evenly on freshly cleaned skin. Gently scrubbing with a Buf-Puf facial sponge is the perfect preparation for moisturizers and make-up. Skin is left smooth and soft providing an ideal canvas for the rest of your beauty products.

Buf-Puf sponges can help prevent razor burn. Use a Buf-Puf sponge before shaving to lift hairs and get a closer, cleaner shave for smoother-to-the-touch legs. This same idea goes for guys, too. By lifting the hairs, the razor grabs more hair and less skin, reducing irritating razor burns.

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