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3M™ offers a wide range of light management films that are used for display enhancement, reflection control, front surface protection and ambient light control.

Center Stack Nav Display

Center stack displays are being designed higher and more open than ever before. This makes high brightness critical for daytime viewing. At night reflections from the glass can be a major issue. Louver film can manage this while maintaining the displays viewability. A special package of backlight films allows us to split the distribution of light from the display towards the driver and passenger viewing locations.

Instrument Cluster

Instrument cluster displays contain driver critical information. High brightness for daytime viewing is very important. Louver films can be used to manage night reflections as well as increase design options for this area of the vehicle interior.

Driver Information

Driver information displays are incorporated into analogue instrument clusters. They can contain driver critical or driver useful information. High brightness is important for daytime viewing. Louver films can be used to prevent reflections from the side glass at night.

Rear View Display

Rear view displays are used to increase safety when backing up. These can be a part of the center stack display or built into the rear view mirror. Rear view mirror displays require high brightness for easy viewing and thermal management because of the small footprint.

Rear Seat Display

Rear seat displays, in many cases, are used for entertainment. High brightness is important so that they can be seen in very bright daytime viewing. Display Surface films can help to protect the displays as they are more open and prone to scratching or scuffing. Larger dropdown displays can use louver film to minimize viewing from outside of the vehicle.

Technical Specifications