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Clean Removal After Powder Coating

 Clean Removal After Powder Coating

Powder coat painting operations demand very specific attributes from a masking tape. The tape must be able to withstand baking at up to 400°F, yet still remove cleanly, leaving a sharp paint edge. For these reasons, manufacturers can’t rely on just any masking tape. If your product uses powder coat painting, you know you need a tape that is reliably tight on contact, with clean removal. And like any other component of the process, the tape needs to be economical.

3M recently introduced two new tapes for just this purpose—3M™ Polyester Tapes 8991 and 8992. These tapes have a pressure sensitive silicone adhesive that grabs on contact for reliable masking. Rubber or acrylic adhesives can fail in powder coating operations because they cannot withstand the high temperatures involved, leading to problems like softening, oozing and adhesive transfer. However, silicone adhesives like those used in 3M’s polyester tapes are great for applications that demand high heat resistance.

As the most economical options in 3M’s line of polyester tapes, these products are ideal for when you need a simple, off-the-shelf masking solution that still gives you the benefits of 3M’s expertise in adhesives. Both tapes leave sharp, clean paint edges, and resist shrinking, curling and edge lifting—all while removing without adhesive residue.

With transparent blue and green colors, the tapes can be easily aligned during placement and identified when it’s time for removal. Multiple formats are available to suit different needs in the masking process, with both tapes available in rolls, and Polyester Tape 8992 also available in die-cut disc and tabbed disc formats.

If you need a more reliable, clean-removing tape for powder coat masking, Polyester Tapes 8991 and 8992 may be the easy-to-use, economical option you’ve been waiting for.

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Polyester Tapes Flyer (PDF, 636Kb)