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Industrial Adhesives & Tapes


Perfecting Temporary Protection

 Substrates and Adhesion – Know Your Surface

Customers expect their new products to have a perfect, unmarred appearance, which is why temporary surface protection tapes are so important. These tapes are used on a long list of items, including appliances, garage doors, TVs—any product with a surface that needs protection during manufacturing or transport.
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To be truly effective, a temporary surface protection tape has to do just three things: adhere initially, stay in place until removed, and then remove cleanly. However, some temporary surface protection tapes can’t quite meet these challenges. With some tapes, adhesive transfer can occur, leaving behind a ghosting effect or discoloration after removal. On the opposite end of the spectrum, some tapes don’t adhere well enough to do their job from start to finish.

To give manufacturers the solutions they need, 3M has applied its expertise in adhesives to develop innovative temporary surface protection tapes for nearly every surface and process.

The 3M™ Temporary Surface Protection Tapes 800 Series covers a broad range of needs and applications:

  • Very smooth, high gloss surfaces
  • Porous or other unique surfaces
  • Lightly textured or semi-gloss surfaces and/or bending, embossing, roll forming or shallow draw processes
  • Punching, shearing or drilling processes

800 series tapes adhere almost instantly to most surfaces, yet remove without adhesive residue—even if exposed to sunlight for up to 3 days. The robust adhesive used in these tapes resists both low and high temperatures and extreme humidity, and leaves no ghosting or staining of the surface when removed. These exceptionally clear tapes peel away smoothly, with less “chatter” upon removal than traditional tapes, reducing hearing discomfort for workers. They can also be repositioned evenly without losing their ability to adhere, and they apply with fewer air bubbles and tunnels, which can compromise protection.

In addition to the 800 series, 3M has also developed 3M™ Temporary Surface Protection Laser Tapes, which are specially designed to protect stainless steel before, during and after laser-cutting operations. These tapes have a number of attributes that help them stand out:

  • As the only clear laser tapes on the market, 3M tapes give users the ability to see metal defects before they’re passed further along in the manufacturing process. This can help reduce costs and cut losses.
  • Users state the tapes perform with less shredding, less burring and fewer blowups than competitors
  • The tapes can accommodate laser cutting speeds that are up to 25% faster

Beyond their outstanding performance and versatility, 3M tapes are backed up with more people to answer questions, more availability around the globe, and more one-on-one technical help than competitors. They’re everything you’d expect from a world leader in adhesive and tape technology.

Click here to see a video demonstrating the benefits of 3M™ Temporary Surface Protection Tapes 800 Series.