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Industrial Adhesives & Tapes


Protection against Abrasion, Corrosion, Moisture and More…

 Substrates and Adhesion – Know Your Surface

Any product that is exposed to the elements is vulnerable to wear and tear. For products like transportation specialty vehicles and many other general industrial items, design engineers need to devote particular attention to preventing corrosion, as well as other damage from water and chemical intrusion.

Many of the current solutions in the marketplace leave a lot to be desired. For instance, rollout liners such as those used on the floors of school buses can bubble up, leading to tripping hazards. Moisture can also leach underneath the liners and cause damage to the structure. These solutions are both time consuming and costly to install, and do not provide long term assurance.

Recently introduced 3M™ Performance Coatings give design engineers a versatile new tool to combat corrosion and moisture, as well as to address many more issues on wood and metal surfaces. After being sprayed on a surface, these coatings are tack-free in one minute and can be walked on in as little as 10 minutes. They also have no VOCs and no solvents, making them more environmentally friendly than other coatings and better for worker health. There is no limit to the mil thickness that can be sprayed in one application with these coatings—meaning that after just one step, the product can move on down the production line.

3M Performance Coatings are waterproof, seamless and resilient. They are resistant to many solvents, caustics and mild acids, helping them stand up to a wide variety of tough challenges in the field.

ProblemHow 3M Performance Coatings Can Help
CorrosionWaterproof, seamless and resilient coatings stand up to corrosion
Water & chemical intrusionCoatings seal the surface and resist cracking over time
Slippery surfacesCoatings eliminate slip and trip hazards
WearAbrasion resistance extends product life
Current coating is hard to apply3M Performance Coatings cure quickly, can reduce labor costs, and are worker-friendly
Cosmetic issuesCoatings have a seamless, attractive appearance and are scuff-resistant

3M Performance Coatings are currently being used for applications including:

  • Protecting against chips and rust on metal
  • Creating a non-skid metal surface
  • Encapsulating plywood to prevent rotting
  • Improves designs, by eliminating water intrusion and leaks through seams and joints

These are just a few examples of how customers are successfully applying 3M Performance Coatings.

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