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Think again if you know Hook & Loop...

 smooth trailer with aesthetics of 3M VHB Tape vs. rivets

You've seen them replacing laces on athletic shoes and zippers on the flap of a windbreaker.

Hook and Loop Products

If you design or manufacture products that require thousands of easy openings and secure closings, you realize hook and loop can be the perfect solution. What you may not know is the wide range of ways 3M™ Hoop and Loop Fasteners can be used to improve product performance and save production time.

You may know that when closing, tiny stiff hooks on one side of the fastener mesh with pliable loops on the other. For opening, simply peel one side away. You may not know you have a choice between seven different 3M pressure sensitive adhesives that will permanently hold a fastener to virtually any flexible or rigid surface in indoor or outdoor applications.

Hook and Loop Products

For example, attach plastic curtains to the front of a refrigerated display. Stabilize fabric-covered cushions in aircraft seating. Fasten adjustable straps in an orthopedic foot and ankle brace.

Hook and Loop Examples

Suspend privacy curtains in a truck cab. Secure metal edge molding around an internally illuminated sign. Attach metal decorative fascia to a painted wood valence. Hang flexible graphics for trade shows.

Close a surgical gown. Hold picture frame samples for in-store display. Attach plastic signage to doors and windows. Secure a vinyl tonneau cover over a pick-up truck bed. Hold foam cushions inside a bicycle helmet.

Non-adhesive-backed versions are also available for sew-on applications such as closures for outdoor clothing and gloves.

Four-step selection process

Four easy steps can help you narrow the range of 3M™ Hook and Loop Fasteners to a “go-to” selection for testing and evaluation:

  1. Challenge traditional thinking.
  2. Select adhesive performance.
  3. Select fastener thickness.
  4. Combine, test, and evaluate.

1. Challenge traditional thinking

Adhesive-backed 3M™ Hook and Loop Fasteners apply as easily as tape. Forget the time and cost of sewing machines, staples, tacks, screws, zippers, and snaps. At the same time, know you can securely hold together even dissimilar materials, then attach and detach 1,000-5,000 times, depending on the product, even in tough end use environments. As the area of fastener coverage increases, closure strength increases.

2. Select adhesive performance

Make your first choice between rubber and acrylic adhesive to meet production and end use criteria.

Rubber Adhesives Acrylic Adhesives
· High initial adhesion on contact · Fair initial adhesion on contact
· Bonds to Low Surface Energy materials · Bonds to High Surface Energy materials
· Quick stick · Build-up to strong adhesion
· Good shear strength · High shear strength
· Indoor use · Indoor and outdoor use
· Narrow operating temperature range · Wide operating temperature range
· Fair moisture resistance · Excellent moisture resistance
· Some solvent resistance · Excellent solvent resistance
· Moderate aging performance · Excellent aging performance

3M rubber adhesives are available in three formulations. High Performance adhesive holds at up to 120°F. Modified is a more economical alternative that bonds at up to 100°F, plus more readily adheres to fabrics. General Performance is designed for applications of up to 90°F.

Flame Resistant Adhesive performs reliably outdoors in high humidity, and meets FAR 25.853.

If you want 3M acrylic adhesive performance, select from four options. High Performance holds at up to 200°F; General Performance at up to 180°. Plasticizer Resistant Acrylic Adhesive bonds well to flexible vinyl in applications at up to 158°F.

3. Select fastener thickness

For sleek appearance, all 3M™ Hook and Loop Fasteners are hidden beneath the surfaces. Engaged thickness for adhesive backed products is only 0.14 inch, except for 0.17 inch with the high humidity and flame resistant fastener. Plain-backed versions are 0.12-0.13 inch depending on the degree of water resistance.

When you want a very low profile, 3M™ Low Profile Hook and Loop Fasteners are 75% thinner at only 0.034 inch. Open and close up to 25 times.

4. Combine, test, and evaluate

After combining the options for adhesives and thickness, you're ready to test specific products. Trial bags are available for pre-production evaluation.

M.A.P. for Fastening Success with the 3M TSR (Technical Service Request)

A 3M TSR representative can help you align your Market and Application with the 3M reclosable Product that will best increase your productivity, and improve your product design, function, and appearance.

Hook and Loop Trial Bag

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