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Industrial Adhesives & Tapes


Imagine. Thousands of Gripping Fingers at your fingertips.

 smooth trailer with aesthetics of 3M VHB Tape vs. rivets

Increasing Traction, Reducing Slip, Improving Grip even in wet, and oily conditions!

If you design or manufacture products where getting a grip is a performance requirement, strengthen your competitive advantage with 3M™ Gripping Material products. This 3M innovation utilizes 3M’s uniquely patented micro-replication technology, which features thousands of micro gripping fingers on one side of a flexible backing to enhance control and improve performance, in applications such as jackhammers, kayak paddles, therapeutic medical equipment, wheelchairs, handrails and more! Whether at work, at home, or at play, with 3M Gripping Material products, customers will see a noticeable difference in holding power, no matter what the end use application may be!

How so? 3M’s Gripping Material Products give users the ability to increase holding power, while using less force, which ultimately can lead to enhanced performance and decreased fatigue.

Choosing the Right Products for the Application: Five-step selection process

Five easy steps can help you narrow the range of 3M™ Gripping Material products to a selection for testing and evaluation:

  1. Determine if you need adhesive-backed, plain-backed, or molded material.
  2. Determine if you need a 1part or 2-part system.
  3. Determine the end use condition of dry, wet, or oil.
  4. Select the balance of tactility (soft/firm), durability (low/high), and friction.
  5. Select appropriate trial bags for testing.

Broad Range of Products… Many Application Requirements

Adhesives-backed versions stick on contact to many metals, plastics, and sealed woods for a fast, easy increase in traction for applications such as fishing rods and ATV handlebars to forklift steering wheels. Plain-backed version offer some stretch and are designed for sew-on applications such as sports gloves or work gloves, where improve grip is a performance advantage.

Gripping power increases with one-part and two-part systems

Glove Chart

In a one-part system, 3M™ Gripping Material products are used on one of two surfaces, for example on a glove, or on the surface to be gripped such a handle or railing. In dry, wet, and oily conditions, the one-part system significantly increases the gripping power as measured in pounds of torque against a bare hand on a bare surface. In a two-part system, with material on both surfaces (i.e. on glove and surface to be gripped) the increase in gripping power is even greater than the one-part system and the bare hand/bare surface system.

Determine End Use Conditions – Dry, Wet, or Oily

Chart 2

Durability matched to the job

3M™ Gripping Materials products are available with a range of tactility from ultra soft to firm.

Soft Gripping Material Products are designed to offer more comfort during skin contact. Softer products tend to be more flexible to contour more readily to curves with small radii. Firm Gripping Material Products are extremely durable, and tend to be stiffer.

If prolonged service life in harsh use conditions is a critical feature for your product, durability of the gripping material increases with firmness. Actual service life will depend on frequency of use and severity of end use conditions, but typically, any 3M™ Gripping Material outlasts leather in a factory or on a field.

As shown in the chart below, Gripping Material products offer a range of durability, tactility, and friction. The softer the product, the greater the friction, and lower the durability. The firmer the product, the lower the friction (unless mated), and greater the durability. The position of the product numbers will help you determine the balance of properties you need for selecting a product to test.

Durability Chart

Each product in the line is engineered to resist abrasion, puncturing, water, chemicals, heat, and sunlight. There is no deformation or degradation after 15 minutes submersion in brake fluid, regular unleaded gasoline, W30 motor oil, diesel fuel, and other chemicals depending on the specific gripping material. Physical characteristics are retained at up to 160°F (71°C). Resistance to UV sunlight is good with only some fading over time.

Impressive, practical results from University testing

In one University of Minnesota study, driving distance increased for golfers when 3M™ Gripping Material was used on their gloves, taking each competitor 10-feet closer to par. In another study with NCAA Division II varsity baseball players, bat speed increased 4.4% for players using batting gloves made with 3M™ Gripping Material products. Fly ball distance increased 16.6 feet when material was also added to the bat grip.

At the University of Wisconsin, a two-part system in dry conditions more than doubled friction compared to a leather glove on a rubber grip. Friction tripled in wet conditions, and was 70 times higher in oily conditions.

Seeing is believing!
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Get a grip with the 3M TSR (Technical Service Request)

3M™ Gripping Materials are available in black or clear rolls and as custom molded grips. Custom colors are available for qualifying quantities. A 3M technical representative can help you determine best product for your specific application.

Gripping Trial Bag

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