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Industrial Adhesives & Tapes


3M Industrial Technical News Articles

Technical articles that address many Design or Manufacturing challenges, highlight 3M technologies and announce new 3M products.

 Advantages of Structural Acrylic Adhesives Advantages of Structural Acrylic Adhesives
Structural Acrylic Adhesives are indispensible in the design and production of many products. But manufacturers that work with these adhesives are also well aware of their drawbacks. Fortunately, 3M has introduced Next Generation Structural Acrylic Adhesives that help address many of these drawbacks.
 Clean Removal After Powder Coating Clean Removal After Powder Coating
Powder coat painting operations demand very specific attributes from a masking tape. The tape must be able to withstand baking at up to 400°F, yet still remove cleanly, leaving a sharp paint edge. For these reasons, manufacturers can’t rely on just any masking tape. If your product uses powder coat painting, you know you need a tape that is reliably tight on contact, with clean removal. And like any other component of the process, the tape needs to be economical.
 Substrates and Adhesion – Know Your Surface Optimizing Performance for Flexographic Printers
The increasing quality of flexographic printing has made it the go-to choice for packaging. While enjoying this success; however, printers in the industry still face challenges, including adapting to increasing print speeds and the ongoing push for greater productivity. With the purchase of new higher-speed equipment or changes in plate technology, it’s important to re-benchmark your mounting tapes in order to ensure you are achieving the best possible results.
 Substrates and Adhesion – Know Your Surface Choosing the Right Tape for Paint Stripping and More
When masking windows, seams, wheels and more on an aircraft for paint stripping, there’s one important thing to keep in mind—only 3M™ Aluminum Foil Tapes 425 and 427 are approved by the Department of the Navy Technical Order TO 1-1-8 for this tough task.
 Substrates and Adhesion – Know Your Surface Perfecting Temporary Protection
Customers expect their new products to have a perfect, unmarred appearance, which is why temporary surface protection tapes are so important. These tapes are used on a long list of items, including appliances, garage doors, TVs—any product with a surface that needs protection during manufacturing or transport.
 Substrates and Adhesion – Know Your Surface Where Will Vinyl Tapes Go Next?
3M™ Vinyl Tapes are used in countless applications and industries. With their aggressive adhesion, wear resistance and clean removal from most surfaces, 3M™ vinyl tapes offer benefits for a wide range of uses, bonding and sealing to most surfaces on contact.
 Substrates and Adhesion – Know Your Surface “Masking Made Simple” Takes the Hassle Out of Tape Selection
Masking tapes are used in countless applications in the industrial world—and it can sometimes seem like there are countless masking tape products.
 Substrates and Adhesion – Know Your Surface Protection against Abrasion, Corrosion, Moisture and More…
Any product that is exposed to the elements is vulnerable to wear and tear. For products like transportation specialty vehicles and many other general industrial items, design engineers need to devote particular attention to preventing corrosion, as well as other damage from water and chemical intrusion.
New water-based adhesive offers both strength and speed
To meet the needs of customers who want the speed and strength of solvent-based adhesives without their unfavorable safety and environmental profile, 3M has developed a new water-based product called 3M™ Fast Tack Water Based Adhesive 1000NF.
Surface Preparation for 3M™ VHB™ Tape Applications
Most substrates are best prepared by cleaning with a 50:50 mixture of isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and water* prior to applying 3M™ VHB™ Tapes.
There are exceptions!
 Substrates and Adhesion – Know Your Surface Substrates and Adhesion – Know Your Surface
Adhesives attach to the surfaces of two substrates, unlike a process that fuses substrates into a unified whole such as welding metal or solvent activation of plastics. In selecting a 3M adhesive or tape, surface condition must be considered: roughness, smoothness, porosity, coated, uncoated, cleanliness, flexibility, size of the part, and surface energy of the part.
 Can 3M Bonding Tapes hold together the materials you want to join with the strength you need? Knowing When to use Bonding Tapes to Improve Your Product and Manufacturing Process
Some materials are harder to bond than others. But with 3M Bonding Tape technologies, even many materials once defined as "hard-to-bond," such as low surface energy plastics, can be bonded with strength greater than the materials bonded. The list of potential substrates includes glass, wood, steel, concrete, foam, polycarbonate, and just about any other material you can name.
 Adhesives Economics Adhesives Economics
In considering cost, consider more than just the cost per gallon or roll. The true value of a 3M adhesive or tape is determined by applied cost per unit. This includes adhesive coverage and the time and labor to apply it. Coverage is usually expressed in terms of adhesive thickness or weight.
 Green Environment 3M™ Adhesive and Tape classifications – you really can’t say "glue" any more
At one time, adhesive and glue were used synonymously. In industry today, however, designers and engineers are using terms like two-part low-odor acrylic, high bond tape, PUR systems, cyanoacrylate, and more. Glue is now considered to be something sticky which is no longer a characteristic of many adhesives.
 Green Environment 3M: Proactively "Green" for More than 40 Years
Sustainable manufacturing is high profile news around the world, but for 3M Industrial Adhesives and Tapes Division, it's not news at all. "Green" has been a 3M priority starting with the first-ever, water-based, contact adhesive developed by 3M more than 40 years ago. 3M™ Fastbond™ Contact Adhesive 30NF was an innovation then and today is compliant with the most stringent U.S. air quality requirements.
Utilizing the benefits of adhesives through joint design
Converting from mechanical fasteners to adhesives and tapes can offer many benefits. These include flexibility in design, light weighting, increased product strength, prevention of water intrusion, processing ease, increased manufacturing throughput and improved product aesthetics.
Overcoming Surface Protection Challenges
Surface protection for products can be divided into two major categories: short-term and longer term. Short-term surface protection is kept in place during manufacturing and processing but should be removable easily and cleanly upon installation or use. Longer term surface protection remains on the product during usage.
 wettability principle Fundamentals of Adhesion
Selecting the proper adhesives for a nameplate, label or membrane switch application requires consideration of environmental, surface, appearance and other performance requirements. Our purpose here is to cover some of the principles of adhesion.
 Lightweighting, hand-held tools Meeting Six Challenges of Lightweighting
The design requirement for lightweighting of products is generally driven by at least one of the following mandates: 1) reduce product energy consumption; 2) decrease manufacturing costs; or 3) reduce size to improve portability, aesthetics and/or user convenience. However, when implementing lightweighting, design engineers frequently encounter several of the following six challenges.
 3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Instant Adhesive product range includes GUINNESS WORLD RECORD™ holder Instant Adhesives Achieve Handling Strength in Seconds, Increase Manufacturing Productivity
3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Instant Adhesive product range includes GUINNESS WORLD RECORD™ holder for heaviest lift with glue!
 Water Intrusion Reduction Two Design Approaches to Reduce Water Intrusion
As products become more multi-functional, they become more sensitive to environmental challenges, such as water intrusion, which can damage products or render them useless.
 smooth trailer with aesthetics of 3M VHB Tape vs. rivets Imagine. Thousands of Gripping Fingers at your fingertips.
Increasing Traction, Reducing Slip, Improving Grip even in wet, and oily conditions!
 smooth trailer with aesthetics of 3M VHB Tape vs. rivets Think again if you know Hook & Loop...
You've seen them replacing laces on athletic shoes and zippers on the flap of a windbreaker.
 Dual Lock Attach and detach heavy panels in a snap...again and again!
A low key "snap" solved the problem of a metal-on-metal roar, secured a safety perimeter around thrashing robots, and defeated steel screws in a mushroom vs. thread competition.
 smooth trailer with aesthetics of 3M VHB Tape vs. rivets Consumer preferences, manufacturing challenges driving aesthetics in transportation vehicles
In today's transportation vehicle market, consumer preferences and manufacturing challenges are creating the need for innovation in aesthetics. These trends affect a wide range of specialty vehicles, including cargo and horse trailers, truck boxes and emergency vehicles.
 vibration chart Acoustic Management
The industrial workplace has become more sensitive to noise in machinery and other products. Consumer expectations are that products are quieter, have less vibration and do not interfere with conversation or music.
Tapes and Adhesives are replacing Rivets and Welds
Replacing mechanical fasteners may seem challenging, but 3M has the materials science capability and application testing tools to help you through the process.