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Industrial Adhesives & Tapes


Specialty Equipment

Case Forming and Packing

As your operation expands, pre-forming cartons can provide increased efficiencies in both operations and space optimization. A range of 3M-Matic Case Sealers and Case Formers are available to meet these needs.

Specialty Case Packing and Forming Equipment The operator forms the carton and the 3M-Matic Case Sealer tapes the bottom only. After contents are packed, the carton is run through a top-only 3M-Matic Case Sealer. Ideal for operations where packed product is available in batches.
  • 3M-Matic™ Adjustable Case Sealer a80b/a80b-3
  • 3M-Matic™ Adjustable Case Sealer 800ab/800ab3
  • Specialty Case Packing and Forming Equipment The 3M-Matic Case Former 300cf automatically folds the bottom major and minor flaps. Carton can either be packed and then top and bottom sealed or taped only on the bottom to allow for packing elsewhere in the plant.
  • 3M-Matic™ Case Former 300cf
  • 800aT Adjustable 3M-Matic Case Taper

    A T-table packaging station allows for carton packing at the case sealer where it is most efficient. The bottom major and minor flaps are semi-automatically closed and carton is quickly and securely sealed both top and bottom with Scotch® Box Sealing Tape.

    3M offers more automated case packing solutions through Combi Packaging Systems LLC (, a 3M joint venture.

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