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3M™ Liquid Air Barrier 2085VP

  • Single pass spraying
  • Fast skinning time
  • Fast application with smaller thickness
  • Superior coverage, less inventory
  • Adheres to wet surfaces
  • Low shrinkage, high solid content
  • Advanced Technology
    3M™ Liquid Air Barrier 2085VP is an innovative, proprietary, single component, polyether-based, water vapor permeable, air barrier membrane that dries fast, sticks to damp surfaces and can be applied at temperatures as low as 25°F to 100°F (-4°C to 38°C) and can withstand up to 6 months direct UV exposure. The 26-mil (wet thickness) engineered liquid membrane is compatible with many building sealants; no adverse reaction with synthetic rubber, butyl, polyurethane, silicone and silane terminated hybrid sealants. Available in both 5 and 50 gallon pails.

    Single Pass Spraying
    3M™ Liquid Air Barrier 2085VP requires only one pass spraying to build to the correct thickness and will have minimal shrinkage due to the 93% solid content. The reduced thickness of the film allows applicators to spend less time spraying, dramatically reducing the labor and indirect costs of projects.

    Fast Skinning
    3M™ Liquid Air Barrier 2085VP is applied at 26 mils on exterior grade gypsum sheathing and 35 mils on masonry, allowing for a fast skinning time (1 hour at 70°F (21°C) and 50% RH).

    Flexible in varying weather conditions
    3M™ Liquid Air Barrier 2085VP has a moisture curing technology that allows it to be applied to damp surfaces before, during or after rain showers, allowing ultimate flexibility for applicators.

    Extended Temperature Range
    This innovative liquid air barrier has a wider installation temperature range (25°F to 100°F (-4°C to 38°C) which can reduce or eliminate cold weather related delays, extending the construction season in cold climates and enabling year round construction in moderate zones.

    Superior UV Exposure Resistance
    3M™ Liquid Air Barrier 2085VP can resist up to 6 months of ultraviolet exposure, giving it the integrity needed for long running construction projects.

    Meets LEED Criteria
    3M™ Liquid Air Barrier 2085VP meets the criteria to contribute to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credits.

    3M™ Air Barrier Systems provide energy savings
    Independent studies have demonstrated that an airtight building envelope system, when properly installed by 3M Certified Contractors, can decrease building air leaks. Heating and cooling loads can be reduced, allowing for smaller HVAC equipment. Energy operating costs can decrease by as much as 40%. The risk of mold and mildew could also decrease. Indoor air quality can improve and life cycle costs can be reduced.

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