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Specialty Tapes

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Specialty Tapes

3M™ Specialty Tapes offer solutions from noise and vibration damping, UV protection, and friction reduction to heat dissipation, fine line masking, paint stripping, etc.

In this line of specialty tapes, you'll find metal foil tapes, glass cloth tapes, polyester tapes, vinyl tapes and more. These products can help you meet and resolve many challenges simply and effectively.

Selection Guide - Backing material

3M Backing Materials

In many applications, 3M backings add a second surface that affects how the underlying surface relates to the environment. To optimize that relationship, 3M backings offer a wide choice of performance and handling characteristics.

Backings Characteristics
Crepe Conformable, easy tear.
Flatback Strong, smooth, good for straight line masking.
Kraft Strong, some versions are repulpable.
Tissue Thin, porous to allow adhesive penetration of sheet.
Polyester Strong even when thin, chemical resistant, high temperature resistance.
Polypropylene Resistant to most solvents, conformable, tear resistant.
Polyethylene Conformable; easy to stretch; chemical, acid, and moisture resistant, economical.
Polyethylene / Polypropylene Co-Polymer Conformable; chemical, acid, and moisture resistant.
UHMW – Polyethylene High abrasion resistance, low coefficient of friction, antistick surface easy to clean.
Polyvinyl Chloride (Vinyl) Conformable, abrasion resistant, resistant to most chemicals.
Polyimide High temperature resistance, excellent dimensional stability, good insulation properties.
Polyamide (Nylon) High temperature resistance, high strength and toughness, good chemical resistance but can absorb moisture.
Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Low coefficient of friction, excellent high temperature and chemical resistance, antistick/release properties.
Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) Water-soluble, organic solvent resistant, high temperature resistance.
Polyurethane Abrasion and scratch resistant, impact and puncture resistant, UV and corrosion resistant.
Polyvinyl Fluoride (e.g., Tedlar®) Excellent weather resistance, excellent long-term UV resistance, thin yet stiff feel.
Cotton Strong, easy tear by hand, soft and drapable.
Glass Cloth Strong, high temperature resistance, flame-resistant.
Polyethylene Coated Strong yet hand tearable, abrasion resistant, water-resistant, conformable.
Fiber Air permeable, strong enough to hold expanding foams.
Aluminum Heat and light reflective, moisture and chemical resistant, flame-resistant, outdoor weather resistant, conformable.
Lead Electrically conductive, acid resistant, high conformability, x-ray opacity.
Neoprene Abrasion resistant, die-cuttable.
Combination (Laminates)
Paper/Polyethylene Weather and chemical resistant, hand tearable, stretch resistant.
Metalized/Polyester Reflective, decorative.
Glass Cloth/PTFE High temperature resistance, high strength.
Glass Cloth/Aluminum Very high temperature resistance, high strength.
Non-woven/Aluminum High heat and cold resistance.

Selection Guide - Adhesive type

3M Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Most of these specialty tapes feature a 3M pressure sensitive adhesive that bonds the backing to another surface on contact. Each adhesive has different characteristics that affect production and end-use performance.

Rubber Standard Acrylic Modified Acrylic Silicone
High initial bond Moderate initial bond Bonds to wider variety than standard acrylic Fair initial bond
Softer Firmer Softer Very firm
Widest variety of surfaces including low surface energy materials* High surface energy* Many surfaces Fewer surfaces
Up to 350°F Up to 450°F Up to 300°F Up to 600°F, excellent low temperature performance
Fair chemical resistance Excellent chemical resistance Good chemical resistance Excellent chemical resistance
Fair UV resistance Excellent UV resistance Moderate UV resistance Excellent UV resistance
Poor aging Excellent aging Durable Excellent aging
Removable Permanent Various Removable
Good solvent resistance Excellent solvent resistance Good solvent resistance Excellent solvent resistance

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