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3M™ Vibration Damping Tape 434

3M™ Vibration Damping Tape 434, 1 in x 60 yd
3M™ Vibration Damping Tape 434, 1 in x 60 yd
3M™ Vibration Damping Tapes 434 Silver, aluminum foil constraining layer coated with a pressure-sensitive viscoelastic polymer on a blue polyethylene easy-release liner.
  • Cold temperature damping tape, 5.5 mil backing, 2.0 mil type 830 viscoelastic
  • Die cut aluminum foil parts for aerospace, F.A.R. 25.853(a)
  • Absorbs and dissipates vibration, reduces noise, reduces metal fatigue, resists flame, resists moisture, resists weather, resists UV degradation, chemical resistant tape, thermally conductive tape for heating and cooling efficiency, heat reflective tape,
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3M™ Vibration Damping Tape 434 helps damp vibrations on panels and steel support members vibrating at their natural (resonant) frequency. This dampers consists of a pressure-sensitive viscoelastic polymer and aluminum foil constraining layer.


 Adhesion to Steel oz/in (N/100 mm)‎‎ 65 (724)
 Adhesive Type‎‎ Viscoelastic Polymer
 Backing Material‎‎ Aluminum Foil
 Backing Thickness‎‎ 5.5,‎ 5.5 mil
 Backing Thickness (metric)‎‎ 0.14 mm,‎ 0.14
 Brand‎‎ 3M
 Color‎‎ Silver
 Elongation‎‎ 12 Percent
 Industries‎‎ Transportation,‎ Specialty Vehicle,‎ Metalworking,‎ Construction,‎ Automotive,‎ Military & Government,‎ General Industrial,‎ Appliance,‎ Electronics,‎ Aerospace
 Length‎‎ 60 Linear Yard,‎ 36 Linear Yard,‎ 120 Linear Yard
 Length (Metric)‎‎ 54.86 m,‎ 109.72 m,‎ 32.91 m
 Liner Type‎‎ Polyethylene
 Meets Specifications‎‎ F.A.R. 25.853(a),‎ United Launch Alliance MMS J434,‎ United Launch Alliance MMS J449,‎ United Launch Alliance MMS J436,‎ United Launch Alliance MMS J448,‎ United Launch Alliance MMS J435,‎ United Launch Alliance MMS J447,‎ United Launch Alliance MMS J438,‎ United Launch Alliance MMS J446,‎ United Launch Alliance MMS J437,‎ United Launch Alliance MMS J445,‎ United Launch Alliance MMS J444,‎ United Launch Alliance MMS J439,‎ United Launch Alliance MMS J451,‎ United Launch Alliance MMS J442,‎ United Launch Alliance MMS J452,‎ United Launch Alliance MMS J443,‎ Lockheed Martin MMS J434,‎ United Launch Alliance MMS J440,‎ United Launch Alliance MMS J441,‎ United Launch Alliance MMS J450,‎ Boeing HMS 15-1195,‎ Boeing HBMS 53-009
 Operating Temperature Range (Celsius)‎‎ -60 to 20 Degree Celsius
 Operating Temperature Range (Fahrenheit)‎‎ -76 to 68 Degree Fahrenheit
 Product Form‎‎ Roll
 Shelf Life‎‎ 24
 Shelf Life in Months (from date of manufacture)‎‎ 24
 Tensile Strength‎‎ 10,500 lb/in
 Tensile Strength (metric)‎‎ 7.24 N/100mm
 Tensile Strength lb/in (N/100 mm)‎‎ 10,500 (7.24)
 Total Thickness‎‎ 7.5 mil,‎ 7.5
 Width‎‎ 8 Inch,‎ 1.25 Inch,‎ 2.75 Inch,‎ 5 Inch,‎ 7 Inch,‎ 6 Inch,‎ 1 Inch,‎ 6.33 Inch,‎ 21 Inch,‎ 10 Inch,‎ 3 Inch,‎ 4 Inch,‎ 2.25 Inch,‎ 24 Inch,‎ 12 Inch,‎ 2 Inch,‎ 33 Inch,‎ 34 Inch
 Width (Metric)‎‎ 838.2 mm,‎ 160.78 mm,‎ 76.2 mm,‎ 254 mm,‎ 863.6 mm,‎ 609.6 mm,‎ 203.2 mm,‎ 533.4 mm,‎ 152.4 mm,‎ 127 mm,‎ 177.8 mm,‎ 304.8 mm,‎ 69.8 mm,‎ 50.8 mm,‎ 25.4 mm,‎ 101.6 mm,‎ 57.15 mm,‎ 31.75 mm