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3M™ VHB™ Tape 5915

3M(TM) VHB(TM) Tape 5915P
3M(TM) VHB(TM) Tape 5915P
3M™ VHB™ Tape 5915 is a very conformable, double-sided, pressure-sensitive, closed-cell acrylic foam tape with a PE film liner.
  • High strength
  • Durable
  • Clean appearance
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7 Results (Displaying results 1-7)
3M IDUPCMarketplace Formal NameColorLengthWidth
70006436714000511153171493M™ VHB™ Tape 5915 Black, 1/2 in x 72 yd 16.0 mil, 18 per case BulkBlack72 Linear Yard0.5 Inch 
70006657673000511110770233M™ VHB™ Tape 5915 Black, 46 in x 36 yd 16.0 mil, 1 per caseBlack36 Linear Yard46 Inch 
70006738424000511156386023M™ VHB™ Tape 5915WF White, 1/2 in x 72 yd 16 mil, 18 per caseWhite72 Linear Yard0.5 Inch 
70006708229000511119221633M™ VHB™ Tape 5915 Black, 3/4 in x 72 yd 16.0 mil, 12 per case BulkBlack72 Linear Yard0.75 Inch 
70006433414000511152603463M™ VHB™ Tape 5915 Black, 1 in x 72 yd 16.0 mil, 9 per case BulkBlack72 Linear Yard1 Inch 
70006738473000511156386403M™ VHB™ Tape 5925WF White, 1/2 in x 72 yd 25 mil, 18 per caseWhite72 Linear Yard0.5 Inch 
70006738432000511156386193M™ VHB™ Tape 5915WF White, 1 in x 72 yd 16 mil, 9 per caseWhite72 Linear Yard1 Inch 
7 Results (Displaying results 1-7)


Bonds high, medium and medium/low surface energy substrates. Provides handling convenience, cushioning, damping, and impact resistance.


 Adhesion to HSE‎‎ High
 Adhesion to LSE‎‎ Medium
 Adhesive Type‎‎ Modified Acrylic Adhesive
 Applications‎‎ Laptop Bezel Trim Attachment,‎ Bonding a logo to an Oven,‎ LCD Display Frame Attachment,‎ Bonding a lens to a metal sign frame,‎ Logo Bonding on TV,‎ Washing Machine Touch Panel Bonding,‎ Bonding a logo to a Refrigerator,‎ Bonding a lens to control panel window
 Application Temperature-Environment‎‎ 50F-59F,‎ N/A
 Brand‎‎ 3M™ VHB™
 Color‎‎ White,‎ Black
 Flame Retardant‎‎ N/A
 Flexibility of Materials‎‎ Both Substrates Rigid,‎ Both Substrates Flexible
 Foam Conformability‎‎ Very Conformable
 Industries‎‎ General Industrial
 Length‎‎ 36 Linear Yard,‎ 72 Linear Yard
 Length (Metric)‎‎ 65.8 m,‎ 33 m
 Liner Thickness‎‎ 5 mil
 Liner Type‎‎ Polyethylene (PE) Film
 Long Term Temperature Exposure‎‎ 201-250,‎ N/A,‎ 161-200
 Product Form‎‎ Roll
 Short Term Temperature Exposure‎‎ 201-250,‎ N/A,‎ 251-300
 Solvent Resistance‎‎ High
 Substrates (Surface Energy)‎‎ Medium-High Surface Energy, (42-50 Dynes/cm),‎ Medium-Low Surface Energy, (36-37 Dynes/cm),‎ High Surface Energy, (400-1100 Dynes/cm),‎ Medium Surface Energy, (38-39 Dynes/cm)
 Tape Thickness‎‎ 0.010 in (0.3mm) - 0.016 in (0.4mm)
 Temperature Resistance - Initial‎‎ 300 Degree Fahrenheit
 Temperature Resistance - Long Term‎‎ 250 Degree Fahrenheit
 Width‎‎ 0.75 Inch,‎ 0.5 Inch,‎ 46 Inch,‎ 1 Inch
 Width (Metric)‎‎ 25.4 mm,‎ 1170 mm,‎ 12.7 mm,‎ 19.05 mm