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3M™ VHB™ Tape 4941

3M Product Number  4941     
Roll of 3M(TM) VHB(TM) 4941Tape Image.
Roll of 3M(TM) VHB(TM) 4941Tape Image.
3M™ VHB™ Tape 4941 is a conformable, double-sided, pressure-sensitive, closed-cell acrylic foam tape.
  • High strength
  • Durable
  • Clean appearance
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26 Results (Displaying results 16-26)
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3M IDUPCMarketplace Formal NameColorLengthWidth
70006292976000212005621363M™ VHB™ Tape 4941 Gray, 1.53 in x 36 yd 45.0 mil, 6 per caseGray36 Linear Yard1.53 Inch 
70006149846000212006488853M™ VHB™ Tape 4941 Gray, 1 in x 36 yd 45.0 mil, 9 per caseGray36 Linear Yard1 Inch 
70006278488000212004299963M™ VHB™ Tape 4941 Gray, 1-9/91 in x 36 yd 45.0 mil, 7 per caseGray36 Linear Yard1.09 Inch 
70006429917000511152561583M™ VHB™ Tape 4941 Gray, 12 in x 36 yd 45.0 mil, 1 per caseGray36 Linear Yard12 Inch 
70006408275000480115875093M™ VHB™ Tape 4941 Gray, 1-9/91 in x 144 yd 45.0 mil, 8 per case BulkGray144 Linear Yard1.09 Inch 
70006406915000480115854443M™ VHB™ Tape 4941 Gray, 1-3/8 in x 36 yd 45.0 mil, 6 per case BulkGray36 Linear Yard1.37 Inch 
70006147485000212006462943M™ VHB™ Tape 4941 Gray Small Pack, 3/4 in x 36 yd 45.0 mil, 3 per caseGray36 Linear Yard0.75 Inch 
70006149838000212006488783M™ VHB™ Tape 4941 Gray, 3/4 in x 36 yd 45.0 mil, 12 per caseGray36 Linear Yard0.75 Inch 
70006278470000212004299893M™ VHB™ Tape 4941 Gray, 40/47 in x 36 yd 45.0 mil, 12 per caseGray36 Linear Yard0.85 Inch 
70006408267000480115874933M™ VHB™ Tape 4941 Gray, 5/8 in x 144 yd 45.0 mil, 11 per case BulkGray144 Linear Yard0.62 Inch 
70006149820000212006488613M™ VHB™ Tape 4941 Gray, 1/2 in x 36 yd 45.0 mil,18 per caseGray36 Linear Yard0.5 Inch 
26 Results (Displaying results 16-26)
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Bonds high and medium surface energy substrates. Provides handling convenience, cushioning, damping, and impact resistance. Plasticizer resistant. UL listing 746C.


Adhesion to HSEHigh
Adhesion to LSEMedium
Adhesive TypeMulti-Purpose Acrylic Adhesive
ApplicationsRail Car Light Cover Attachment, Rail Car Bonding Metal Stiffeners, Commercial Vehicle Trim Attachment, ABS Support Structure Bonding, Bonding Glass to a Metal Oven Door, Interior Rail Car Construction, Trim Fairing Bonding on Truck Cab Exteriors, Roof bow Bonding on Truck Bodies, Channel Stiffener Bonding on Truck Bodies, Stack Unit Support Bracket Bonding, Aluminum Floor Bonding, Truck Body Nameplate Bonding, Bonding Door Kick & Seal Plate, Bonding Panels to Metal Frames, Commercial Vehicle Roof Vent Attachment, Side Panel Bonding on Commercial Trailers, Bonding Muntin Bars to Glass, Bus Body Side Panel Bonding, Nameplate Attachment on Commercial Vehicles, Extruded Plastic Channel Bonding
Application Temperature-EnvironmentN/A
Flame RetardantN/A
Flexibility of MaterialsBoth Substrates Rigid, One Substrate Flexible, Both Substrates Flexible
Foam ConformabilityConformable
IndustriesTransportation, Specialty Vehicle, Metalworking, Automotive, Military & Government, General Industrial, Appliance, Electronics
Length144 Linear Yard, 36 Linear Yard
Length (Metric)131.6 m, 33 m
Liner Thickness3 mil, 5 mil
Liner TypePaper, Polyethylene (PE) Film
Long Term Temperature ExposureN/A, 161-200
Product FormRoll
Short Term Temperature Exposure201-250, N/A, 251-300
Solvent ResistanceHigh
Substrates (Surface Energy)Medium-High Surface Energy, (42-50 Dynes/cm), High Surface Energy, (400-1100 Dynes/cm), Medium Surface Energy, (38-39 Dynes/cm)
Tape Thickness0.040 in (1.0mm) - 0.045 in (1.1mm)
Temperature Resistance - Initial300 Degree Fahrenheit
Temperature Resistance - Long Term200 Degree Fahrenheit
Width0.75 Inch, 0.5 Inch, 3 Inch, 0.87 Inch, 0.62 Inch, 1.5 Inch, 12 Inch, 1 Inch, 1.53 Inch, 2 Inch, 1.09 Inch, 0.85 Inch, 1.37 Inch
Width (Metric)25.4 mm, 38.1 mm, 76.2 mm, 12.7 mm, 22.22 mm, 19.05 mm, 38.86 mm, 34.9 mm, 304.8 mm, 21.61 mm, 27.91 mm, 15.87 mm, 50.8 mm