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3M™ Super 77™ Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive

3M Product Number  77     
3M(TM) Super 77 Aerosol Can
3M(TM) Super 77 Aerosol Can
3M™ Super 77™ Multipurpose Spray Adhesive is an extremely versatile, fast-drying, and transparent spray adhesive that bonds a wide range of lightweight materials. Its fast, permanent bond provides fast results to keep projects moving ahead. The spray formula is easy to dispense and apply directly onto surfaces and materials where needed.
  • Finger-touch, targeted control ensures minimal overspray, waste, and cleanup
  • Great spray pattern and low soak-in for high coverage and strong, long-lasting bond
  • High initial grab and aggressive tack helps keep fast-paced projects moving forward
  • Bonds quickly in 15 seconds for fast, permanent results and high productivity
  • Lower viscosity formula than competing brands stays in place with little to no run or migration
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6 Results (Displaying results 1-6)
3M IDUPCMarketplace Formal NameColorNet Weight
62487649303000511119795633M™ Super 77™ Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive Low VOC< 25% Clear, Net Wt 18.0 oz, 12 per caseClear18 oz  
62445895303000212004381343M™ Super 77™ Adhesive, 52 gal drum, 1 per case Bulk, Not for sale in CaliforniaTranslucent52 Gallon  
62497980300000511152577663M™ Scotch-Weld™ Super 77™ Cylinder Spray Adhesive Clear, Large Cylinder (Net Wt. 29.3 lbs), 1 per case - NOT FOR CONSUMER/RETAIL SALE OR USEClear29.3 Pound  
62445885304000212004379393M™ Super 77™ Adhesive, 5 gal, 1 per case Bulk, Not for sale in CaliforniaTranslucent5 Gallon  
62497749309000212002121093M™ Super 77™ Multipurpose Spray Adhesive, Net Wt 16.75 oz, 12 per caseClear16.75 oz  
62443749502000212009631553M™ Super 77™ Classic Spray Adhesive, Net Wt 16.5 oz, 12 per case, Not for sale or use in CA and other states. Consult local air quality rules before use.Clear16.5 oz  
6 Results (Displaying results 1-6)


Its aggressive tack provides high initial grab with sufficient open time to position materials properly. High-solids content supports its low soak-in property, giving you time to position parts for best fit. This attribute also provides higher coverage than competing spray adhesives and helps create soft, non-dimpling glue lines. The combination of fast tack, strong bond, and clean appearance make it ideal for projects all throughout your home or business. It forms strong bonds a wide array of materials including paper, cardboard, fabric and cushion foam to plastic, metal, wood and much more. 3M™ Super 77™ Multipurpose Adhesive is CARB compliant and eligible for LEED credits.

Uses for 3M™ Super 77™ Multipurpose Adhesive include:

  • Home improvement and repair projects
  • Attaching fiberglass insulation and drywall corner beads
  • Bonding thin films, foils and fabrics
  • Scrapbooking, picture framing and mounting presentations (photo safe)
  • General decorating and crafts, including wreaths, silk flower arrangements, models and many other projects
  • Ideal for home, office, crafts, and hobbies


 Application Method‎ Roll‎ ,  Spray‎ ,  Brush‎
 Applications‎ Drywall Plaster & Gypsum Board‎ ,  Bond Fiberglass Insulation to Metal‎ ,  Masonry & Plaster Finishes‎
 Bonding Range (One Surface)‎ 1 to 30 minutes‎
 Bonding Range (Two Surfaces)‎ 15 seconds to 30 minutes‎
 Brand‎ 3M‎ ,  Scotch-Weld‎
 Can Size‎ 24 Fluid Ounce (US)‎
 Capabilities‎ Sustainability‎
 Color‎ Translucent‎ ,  Clear‎
 Consumer Label‎ No‎
 Environmental Considerations‎ Ozone Transport Commission‎ ,  Helps contribute to LEED® credits‎ ,  California Air Resources Board‎ ,  GREENGUARD® Certified‎ ,  SCAQMD‎ ,  Low VOC‎
 Flammability‎ Flammable‎
 Heat Resistance‎ 150 Degree Fahrenheit‎
 Industries‎ Transportation‎ ,  Specialty Vehicle‎ ,  Construction‎ ,  Furniture‎ ,  General Industrial‎ ,  MRO‎ ,  Consumer Goods‎ ,  Print‎ ,  Woodworking‎ ,  Packaging‎
 Meets Specifications‎ UL 723‎ ,  ASTM E-84‎
 Net Weight‎ 16.75 oz‎ ,  5 Gallon‎ ,  16.5 oz‎ ,  29.3 Pound‎ ,  18 oz‎ ,  52 Gallon‎
 Product Form‎ Pound‎ ,  Gallon‎ ,  Can‎
 Size‎ Large cylinder‎ ,  Aerosol‎
 Solids Weight Percent (Approximate)‎ 35.4 Percent‎ ,  20 to 30 Percent‎ ,  13.5 to 17.8 Percent‎ ,  25 Percent‎ ,  19.4 Percent‎
 Strength Requirements‎ Medium Strength‎ ,  Low Strength‎
 Substrate 1‎ Fabric, Felt, Cork & Fibrous Glass‎ ,  Flexible Foam (Latex, Urethane)‎ ,  Rigid Foam (Urethane)‎ ,  Leather‎ ,  Rubber (Except EPDM)‎ ,  EPDM Rubber‎ ,  Metal‎ ,  Plastics (ABS, PVC, Acrylic)‎ ,  Plastics (High Performance Nylon)‎ ,  Glass & Ceramics‎ ,  Paper & Cardboard‎ ,  Plastics (Polyolefins and Thermoplastic Elastomers)‎ ,  Wood & Hardboard‎ ,  Plastics (Flexible Vinyl)‎
 Substrate 2‎ Fabric, Felt, Cork & Fibrous Glass‎ ,  Flexible Foam (Latex, Urethane)‎ ,  Rigid Foam (Urethane)‎ ,  Leather‎ ,  Rubber (Except EPDM)‎ ,  EPDM Rubber‎ ,  Metal‎ ,  Plastics (ABS, PVC, Acrylic)‎ ,  Plastics (High Performance Nylon)‎ ,  Glass & Ceramics‎ ,  Paper & Cardboard‎ ,  Plastics (Polyolefins and Thermoplastic Elastomers)‎ ,  Wood & Hardboard‎ ,  Plastics (Flexible Vinyl)‎
 Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)‎ <25 Percent‎ ,  51 Percent‎ ,  535 Grams Per Litre‎ ,  504 Grams Per Litre‎ ,  84 Percent‎