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3M™ Strapping Tape 8896

Scotch(R) Filament Tape 8898
Scotch(R) Filament Tape 8898
3M™ Strapping Tape 8896 is a tensilized polypropylene backing with a synthetic rubber resin adhesive.
  • Adhesive bonds firmly while preventing staining and removes cleanly from a wide variety of surfaces.
  • Synthetic rubber adhesive has excellent bond strength to a wide variety of application surfaces.
  • Tensilized polypropylene strapping tape.
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9 Results (Displaying results 1-9)
3M IDUPCMarketplace Formal NameColorLengthWidth
70006273273000212004239563M™ Strapping Tape 8896 Blue, 48 mm x 55 m, 24 rolls per caseBlue60.14 Linear Yard1.88 Inch 
70006273265000212004239493M™ Strapping Tape 8896 Blue, 12 mm x 55 m, 72 rolls per caseBlue60.14 Linear Yard0.47 Inch 
70006273257000212004239323M™ Strapping Tape 8896 Blue, 18 mm x 55 m, 48 rolls per caseBlue60.14 Linear Yard0.7 Inch 
70006433802000511153134243M™ Strapping Tape 8896 Ivory, 36 mm x 110 m, 24 rolls per caseIvory120.3 Linear Yard1.41 Inch 
70006433091000511152600183M™ Strapping Tape 8896 Ivory, 18 mm x 110 m, 48 rolls per caseIvory120.3 Linear Yard0.7 Inch 
70006328051000212009566453M™ Strapping Tape 8896 Ivory, 24 mm x 110 m, 36 rolls per caseIvory120.3 Linear Yard0.94 Inch 
70006328044000212009566383M™ Strapping Tape 8896 Ivory, 48 mm x 110 m, 24 rolls per caseIvory120.3 Linear Yard1.88 Inch 
70006328036000212009566213M™ Strapping Tape 8896 Ivory, 12 mm x 110 m, 72 rolls per caseIvory120.3 Linear Yard0.47 Inch 
70006328028000212009566143M™ Strapping Tape 8896 Ivory, 72 mm x 110 m, 12 rolls per caseIvory120.3 Linear Yard2.83 Inch 
9 Results (Displaying results 1-9)


3M™ Strapping Tape 8896 provides 160 lbs./in. width tensile strength ideal for clean removal applications on a wide variety of surfaces.


 Adhesion Strength‎‎ 70 oz/in
 Adhesion Strength (metric)‎‎ 77 N/100mm
 Adhesive Type‎‎ Hot Melt Synthetic Rubber Resin
 Applications‎‎ Protecting Corners of Appliances
 Backing Material‎‎ Polypropylene Film
 Brand‎‎ 3M
 Clean Removal‎‎ Yes
 Color‎‎ Ivory,‎ Blue
 Elongation‎‎ 32 Percent
 Industries‎‎ Metalworking,‎ General Industrial,‎ Appliance,‎ Electronics
 Length‎‎ 120.3 Linear Yard,‎ 60.14 Linear Yard
 Length (Metric)‎‎ 55 m,‎ 110 m
 Product Form‎‎ Roll
 Tensile Strength‎‎ 160 lb/in
 Tensile Strength (metric)‎‎ 2800 N/100mm
 Total Thickness‎‎ 4.6 mil
 Width‎‎ 0.94 Inch,‎ 0.7 Inch,‎ 1.88 Inch,‎ 1.41 Inch,‎ 0.47 Inch,‎ 2.83 Inch
 Width (Metric)‎‎ 36 mm,‎ 18 mm,‎ 72 mm,‎ 12 mm,‎ 24 mm,‎ 48 mm



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