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3M™ Hot Melt Applicator TC with Quadrack Converter and Palm Trigger, 1 per case

3M ID  62999099500    UPC#  00021200894459    3M Product Number  9990     
3M™ Hot Melt Appl TC with Quadrack Converter and Palm Trigger
3M™ Hot Melt Appl TC with Quadrack Converter and Palm Trigger
3M (TM) Scotch-Weld (TM) Hot Melt Adhesive 3738 Q
3M™ Hot Melt Appl TC with Quadrack Converter and Palm Trigger
3M(TM) Scotch-Weld(TM) Hot Melt Appl.TC-Q 220V w/cartridges
3M™ Hot Melt Appl TC with Quadrack Converter and Palm Trigger
Scotch-Weld(TM) Hot-melt TC Applicator
We offer our 3M™ Hot Melt Applicator TC with Quadrack Converter and Palm Trigger as a lightweight, easy to handle tool that is comfortable to operate when dispensing hot-melt adhesives. It uses 120V AC/150W to melt, and a unique Quadrack converter to drive, the adhesive on demand smoothly and evenly to keep the adhesive flowing as you need it!
  • Delivers up to 3.5 pounds of adhesive per hour
  • Palm trigger improves operator comfort
  • Quadrack converter provides positive feed-through
  • Rugged design provides dependable operation
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Quadrack Feed
The Quadrack converter is a unique feed mechanism that attaches to the rear of the converter and eliminates linkage failure associated with trigger type hand applicators. The converter also accommodates 8" adhesive sticks for increased capacity. The resulting positive feed-through helps produce a continuous flow of adhesive with smooth, even beads. The palm trigger provides a comfortable grip and feeds the adhesive stick on demand through to the heat block. A fixed-temperature thermostat maintains a steady 385° F (196° C) to liquefy various 5/8 x 8" Scotch-Weld™ Hot Melt Adhesives.

Recommended Applications

  • Woodworking
  • Furniture
  • Automotive
  • Transportation
  • Aerospace
  • General Industrial
  • Upholstery
  • Point Of Purchase Display
  • Sample Boards
  • Military
  • Window, Door, Building
  • Trophies
  • Novelties
  • Audio Components
  • Cabinets
  • Construction
  • Packaging
  • Electronics

3M Thinking, Performance Design
We used our minds and took the next step in producing a reliable applicator that is as effective as it is comfortable. Designed to be a simple, practical tool, the 3M™ Hot Melt Applicator TC with Quadrack Converter and Palm Trigger is a reliable solution for assembling joining, attaching, securing, repairing, panel bonding, adhering, and structural bonding. The applicator's comfortable design gives the operator precise control to apply the right amount of adhesive in the right place. Its 13.8 oz weight, easy control, and durable construction allow it to be one applicator that meets many needs; for jobs on the go or in production and assembly operations. From products made of wood, glass, paper based materials, plastics, epoxy board, light gauge metals and many other materials; this applicator is the one tool that delivers the right adhesive to bond similar and dissimilar components.

The Cold Facts on Our Hot Melts
Hot melt adhesive applicators, commonly called "glue guns," are tools used to apply liquefied thermoplastic adhesives and are available in low and high-temperature versions. Low-temperature adhesive applicators operate at approximately 250° F (121° C) and are beneficial when bonding heat sensitive materials such as electronics, plastics, and cloth. High-temperature applicators operate at a minimal temperature of approximately 380° F (193° C) and can dispense adhesives that produce a stronger bond than low-temperature adhesives. The applicator creates a flow of adhesive when a solidified adhesive stick is fed into the heat chamber, where it is melted using a fixed-temperature heating element. The molten adhesive is then extruded through a nozzle by either pneumatic pressure, a mechanical trigger mechanism, or with pressure applied directly on the stick. Nozzles can be changed to dispense adhesive in a manner that meets a variety of requirements; from a thin, wide strip for carton sealing, to a narrow, thicker bead for bonding wood, composites, or metal. Nozzles are typically metal and become extremely hot during use, which can quickly burn skin. Once dispensed from the applicator, the adhesive generally sets quickly, ranging from a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on the adhesive formula. Hot melt applicators are widely used in manufacturing, crafts, home, and work with materials ranging from paper and lace to plastics, wood, and metal.


 Adhesive Size‎‎ 5/8 in x 2 in
 Brand‎‎ 3M
 Consumer Label‎‎ No
 Industries‎‎ Automotive,‎ Construction,‎ Furniture,‎ Signage,‎ Consumer Goods,‎ Specialty Vehicle,‎ Transportation,‎ General Industrial,‎ Military & Government,‎ Retail,‎ Electronics,‎ Woodworking,‎ Packaging
 Operating Temperature‎‎ Hot Melt
 Output (lbs per hour)‎‎ 2.6 - 3.5
 Product Form‎‎ Each
 Solids Weight Percent (Approximate)‎‎ 100 Percent