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3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Epoxy Adhesive DP405 Black, 200 mL, 12 per Case Duo-Pak

3M ID  62281438309    UPC#  00051111077009    3M Product Number  405     
3M(TM) Scotchweld(TM) Epoxy Adhesive DP-405 LH
3M(TM) Scotchweld(TM) Epoxy Adhesive DP-405 LH
When you need adhesive that cures rapidly and creates strong bonds on metals, glass and ceramics, look to 3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Epoxy Adhesive 405. Ours is a toughened, two-part epoxy using a 2:1 mix ratio. It has a 5 minute work life and reaches handling strength in 10 minutes to keep your projects moving forward.
  • 5 minute work-time for fast room temp set time
  • High peel and shear strength for reliable bond
  • Toughened formula provides good impact resistance
  • Medium viscosity allows controlled dispensing
  • Lower odor compared to many 5 minute epoxies promotes pleasant working environment for workers and customers
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Part of a B/A system, 3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Epoxy Adhesive 405 provides good shear and peel strength along with good impact resistance for reliability and durability. It bonds extremely well to many surfaces including metal, glass and ceramic. Workers and customers will appreciate its lower odor compared to traditional mercaptan based fast cure epoxies and acrylic adhesives. Our two-part, 2:1 mix ratio, toughened epoxy structural adhesive helps your productivity with its 5 minute work life and accelerated cure. When cured, it provides excellent shear and peel strengths along with good impact resistance and durability. It bonds extremely well on many metal and composite surfaces.

What Are Epoxy Adhesives?
Epoxies are polymer materials that start out as liquids and undergo a chemical reaction to form a solid. These compounds are a major part of the class of adhesives called "structural adhesives," which includes polyurethane, acrylic, cyanoacrylate, and others. Epoxies include two compounds: resins and hardeners. When the two are mixed in their specified ratio they react chemically; and once the reaction has finished, they form a strong and rigid plastic material. Once the two parts are mixed, there is a limited working time in which the epoxy can be applied, ranging from a few minutes to an hour or longer. These adhesives provide better heat and chemical resistance than other common adhesives and those that require heat to cure will be more heat and chemical resistant than those that cure at room temperature. An epoxy based polymer is mechanically strong, chemically resistant to degradation, and very tacky during its working time. Epoxy adhesives are used in the manufacture of buildings, homes, aircraft, automobiles, bicycles, boats, golf clubs, skis, and snowboards, as well as many other applications where high-strength bonds are needed along with resistance to environmental conditions. Epoxy adhesives can be formulated to meet almost any requirement for bonding wood, metal, glass, stone, and various plastics. Using different formulations, epoxies can be made flexible or rigid, transparent or opaque, quick setting or slow setting.

Industrial uses for epoxies range widely and include coatings, adhesives, and composite materials like carbon fiber and glass-reinforced plastic. They are the preferred choice for their ability to flow and conform to the work area, strong adhesion, chemical and heat resistance, and exceptional mechanical and electrical insulating properties.


 Adhesion Strength‎‎ 640 oz/in
 Adhesive Type‎‎ Epoxy
 Applications‎‎ Hard Disk Drive Component Assembly,‎ Bonding
 Brand‎‎ Scotch-Weld
 Color‎‎ Black
 Consumer Label‎‎ No
 Full Cure‎‎ 24 Hours @ 72 F (22 C)
 Hardness‎‎ 75 Shore D
 Industries‎‎ Transportation,‎ Specialty Vehicle,‎ Construction,‎ Military & Government,‎ General Industrial,‎ Electronics,‎ Consumer Goods
 Mix Ratio Volume Base:Accelerator‎‎ 2 : 1
 Open Time‎‎ 4 minutes @ 72 F (22 C)
 Physical Form‎‎ Flowable Liquid
 Product Form‎‎ Cartridge
 Product Type‎‎ Epoxy Adhesive
 Set Time‎‎ 10 Minute
 Shear Strength at 72 Degrees F (22 Degrees C)‎‎ 4500 Pound-Force Per Square Inch
 Shelf Life in Months (from date of manufacture)‎‎ 15
 Specific Gravity‎‎ 1.16
 Storage Temperature‎‎ 72 Degree Fahrenheit
 Substrate 1‎‎ Plastics (ABS, PVC, Acrylic),‎ Metal,‎ Glass & Ceramics
 Substrate 2‎‎ Plastics (ABS, PVC, Acrylic),‎ Metal,‎ Glass & Ceramics
 Substrates‎‎ Plastics (ABS, PVC, Acrylic),‎ Metal,‎ Glass & Ceramics
 Viscosity Range (cps) at Room Temperature‎‎ 14,000
 Volume (metric)‎‎ 200 ml