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3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Epoxy Adhesive DP105 Clear, 50 mL, 12 per case

3M ID  62328714357    UPC#  00021200872037    3M Product Number  105     
3M(TM) Scotch-Weld(TM) Epoxy Adhesive DP105
3M(TM) Scotch-Weld(TM) Epoxy Adhesive DP105
3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Epoxy Adhesive DP105 Clear Duo-Pak
3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Epoxy Adhesive 105 is a very flexible, two-part epoxy adhesive that that gives you the strength you need, cures clear, and remains nearly colorless even when cured in larger masses, where other clear epoxies will turn often turn amber from the reaction exotherm. The final product provides the clear, clean look you desire.
  • Very flexible adhesive formula provides strong, permanent bond under movement
  • Provides high peel strength and vibration resistance
  • Highly flexible adhesive allows different thermal expansion and contraction of bonded substrates, such as when bonding glass to plastic
  • Provides relatively high elongation when cured, making it ideal for bonding dissimilar surfaces
  • Effective adhesive system for bonding, joining, gluing, attaching, assembling, encapsulating, potting, and sealing applications
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The versatile formula provides good structural strength on a wide variety of substrates that include metals, ceramics, wood, and many plastics to offer a useful, effective bonding solution. This clear drying, general purpose epoxy starts with low viscosity for easy, controlled dispensing that helps achieve clean bond lines. 3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Epoxy Adhesive 105 provides relatively high elongation when cured, making very effective for bonding dissimilar surfaces such as glass to metal where differing coefficients of thermal expansion is a consideration.

The mix ratio is 1:1 for quick, precise dispensing and with a four minute working time there's opportunity for repositioning to keep projects on track. The adhesive reaches handling strength in approximately 20 minutes and is fully cured in 48 hours (at 72°F/22°C). This adhesive can be dispensed in a variety of methods to accommodate the requirements of the user and the job.

What are Epoxy Adhesives?

Epoxy adhesives are part of the class of adhesives called structural adhesives, which also includes polyurethane, acrylic, cyanoacrylate, and others. Epoxies begin as liquid reactive polymers that undergo a chemical chain reaction when mixed, and then cure to form a solid plastic material. Once the two parts are mixed in their specified ratio, they begin the curing process and offer a limited working time where the adhesive can be applied and the two surfaces positioned as need. This working time lasts anywhere from a few minutes to 48 hours or longer. Depending on the specific formulation, this class of structural adhesives can provide very high shear and peel strengths, and better heat and chemical resistance than other common adhesives. Epoxy adhesives are widely used in a variety of industrial applications in the automotive, aerospace, appliance, metalworking, sporting goods and electronics industries, among others; virtually anywhere high-strength bonds are needed along with resistance to environmental conditions. These adhesives are popular for their ease of use, mechanical strength, and chemical resistance. Formulations can be created to make epoxies that are flexible or rigid, transparent or opaque, quick setting or slow setting. The versatility with which epoxy adhesives can be formulated helps meet almost any requirement for bonding wood, metal, glass, stone, and various plastics.


 Adhesive Type‎‎ Epoxy
 Applications‎‎ Hard Disk Drive Component Assembly,‎ Bonding,‎ Potting
 Brand‎‎ Scotch-Weld
 Color‎‎ Clear
 Consumer Label‎‎ No
 Container Volume‎‎ 50 ml
 Full Cure‎‎ 24-48 Hours @ 72 F (22 C)
 Hardness‎‎ 25-30 Shore D
 Industries‎‎ Transportation,‎ Specialty Vehicle,‎ Construction,‎ Military & Government,‎ General Industrial,‎ Electronics,‎ Consumer Goods
 Mix Ratio Volume Base:Accelerator‎‎ 1 : 1
 Physical Form‎‎ Liquid
 Product Form‎‎ Each
 Shear Strength at 72 Degrees F (22 Degrees C)‎‎ 2000 Pound-Force Per Square Inch
 Shelf Life in Months (from date of manufacture)‎‎ 15
 Specific Gravity‎‎ 1.13
 Storage Temperature‎‎ 72 Degree Fahrenheit
 Substrate 1‎‎ Plastics (High Performance Nylon),‎ Plastics (ABS, PVC, Acrylic),‎ Metal,‎ Plastics (Polyolefins and Thermoplastic Elastomers),‎ Glass & Ceramics,‎ Wood & Hardboard,‎ Rubber (Except EPDM),‎ EPDM Rubber
 Substrate 2‎‎ Plastics (High Performance Nylon),‎ Plastics (ABS, PVC, Acrylic),‎ Metal,‎ Plastics (Polyolefins and Thermoplastic Elastomers),‎ Glass & Ceramics,‎ Wood & Hardboard,‎ Rubber (Except EPDM),‎ EPDM Rubber
 Time to Handling Strength‎‎ 20 Minute
 Type‎‎ Epoxy Adhesive
 Viscosity Range (cps) at Room Temperature‎‎ 6,500
 Worklife‎‎ 4 minutes @ 72 F (22 C)