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3M™ Gripping Material Work Glove

3M Product Number  WG     
3M(TM) Gripping Material Work Gloves
3M(TM) Gripping Material Work Gloves
3M Greptile Gripping Material
We developed 3M™ Gripping Material Work Gloves to give you maximum hold with minimum effort—and that means reduced slippage, fewer dropped tools, improved productivity and less fatigue. Unlike typical leather or cotton gloves, our 3M™ Gripping Material Work Gloves maintain their gripping power even in the rain or when saturated with oil or sweat.
  • No dropped tools due to wet, humid or sweaty conditions
  • Work gloves enhance traction and hold on dirty/oily surfaces
  • Use as a two-part system (gloves and tools) for increased gripping power
  • Provides maximum hold with minimal effort
  • Performs well across a broad temperature range
  • Utilize gloves in combination with 3M™ Gripping Material Tape TB400 for better grip in applications utilizing power tools, gardening tools, industrial tool handles and levers, truck, forklift, and auto steering wheels or lawn care equipment handles.
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3M IDUPCMarketplace Formal NameColor
70006734951000511156355023M™ Gripping Material Work Glove WGXL-1 XLarge, 1 pair per packageBlack/Grey   
70006734928500511156354773M™ Gripping Material Work Glove WGL-12 Large, 12 pair per case bulkBlack/Grey   
70006734720500511156352553M™ Gripping Material Work Glove WGS-12 Small, 12 pair per case bulkBlack/Grey   
70006734936000511156354893M™ Gripping Material Work Glove WGL-1 Large, 1 pair per packageBlack/Grey   
70006734746000511156352743M™ Gripping Material Work Glove WGS-1 Small, 1 pair per packageBlack/Grey   
70006734944500511156354913M™ Gripping Material Work Glove WGXL-12 XLarge, 12 pair per case bulkBlack/Grey   
70006734910000511156354653M™ Gripping Material Work Glove WGM-1 Medium, 1 pair per packageBlack/Grey   
70006734902500511156354533M™ Gripping Material Work Glove WGM-12 Medium, 12 pair per case bulkBlack/Grey   
8 Results (Displaying results 1-8)


Made from a durable synthetic suede material, these work gloves feature padded fingers and thumb tips for protection, expansion areas on finger backs and knuckles for comfort, and a snug elastic wrist band with adjustable closure. We use exclusive proprietary technology to produce 3M Gripping Material that adds thousands of micro gripping fingers on a flexible backing to increase control and improve gripping performance (also known as coefficient of friction) in dry, wet, even oily conditions. As firmly as the material holds, it releases just as easily. Both abrasion and puncture resistant, 3M Gripping Material performs well across a broad range of temperatures ranging from -40°F to 160°F (-40°C to 71°C) indoors and outdoors.

Gripping materials are available in roll or sheet form in a wide range of tactility from ultra soft to firm. Soft gripping material products are designed to be more comfortable during skin contact and tend to be more flexible to contour more easily to tighter curves. Firm gripping material products are extremely durable, and tend to be stiffer. If prolonged service life in harsh use conditions is a critical feature for your product, durability of the gripping material increases with firmness. Actual service life will depend on frequency of use and severity of end use conditions, but typically, most 3M Gripping Material may outlast leather in a factory or in the field.


 Brand‎ 3M‎
 Color‎ Black/Grey‎
 Durability‎ Very High‎
 Industries‎ Construction‎ ,  General Industrial‎ ,  MRO‎ ,  Consumer Goods‎
 Material‎ Synthetic Suede‎
 Product Form‎ Glove‎
 Size‎ Extra Large‎ ,  Medium‎ ,  Large‎ ,  Small‎
 Texture‎ Firm‎
 Type‎ Work‎