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Challenges and Solutions facing new product development:
Meeting shared internal goals of Industrial Designers and
Manufacturing Engineers

As a new product proceeds through design concept, material selection, and scale-up, industrial designers and manufacturing engineers have the shared goals of creating a product that enhances customer satisfaction and increases market share. At the same time, they have internal objectives that must be met.

An industrial designer wants to create a product that is visually inviting, ergonomically functional, durable, safe and meets industry standards. A manufacturing engineer must consider availability of materials and the ease of modifying an assembly process to accommodate a new design. Ideally, a revised production process would be faster with fewer steps, and reduced waste while output would be increased.

When you seek a collaborator to help address design and manufacturing challenges, it is critical to choose a company with the expertise and experience to understand both objectives. As a world-leading material science company with extensive global resources and experience, 3M offers a broad range of technologies, solutions and laboratory capabilities to help with your design and manufacturing challenges. The Design Solutions team can assist as you move from concept to production by evaluating your project, examining its feasibility, and identifying design and manufacturing options.

A customized solution that balances design and manufacturing needs
We begin by listening to the plans and vision you have for your product. Then we collaborate with you to develop a solution customized for your needs.

After discussing your concept, we can recommend 3M materials from our extensive product portfolios that can best enable you to meet your design and manufacturing challenges. Next, our laboratories can perform a wide range of tests to determine if the potential design and materials can perform to the standards they need to meet. Testing can evaluate materials compatibility, stress modes, weathering, temperature and chemical resistance, and other parameters. 3M supplies products globally so that we can ensure materials are available where you need them, now and in the future.

Overall, we understand the importance of developing solutions that meet and balance design and manufacturing needs. We look forward to collaborating with you to help you attain your vision.